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November 2020 SPECIALS

Capital Motorsports Car Building Specials

Savings on Over 120 Items to Build or Rebuild Your Race Car

Take advantage of these year end car builder specials. Savings up to 50% on select items. Many of our vendors have informed us that there will be price increases for 2021, so double your savings by buying before upcoming price increases. ends December 31st.

***** Chassis Construction Items *****

Cleco Kits

Regular price $25.95 ...SPECIAL $22.95
CAP10263-1/81/8" Cleco Kit With Pliers
CAP10263-3/163/16" Cleco Kit With Pliers

Body Braces

Regular price $34.95 ...SPECIAL $29.95
ALU50202Adjustable 3/8" Aluminum Body Brace (Pair)

Hood Pin Kits

Regular price $9.95 ...SPECIAL $7.95
CAP1016Steel Hood Pin Kit With Hairpin Clip (2pk)
CAP1017Steel Hood Pin Kit With Flip Over Clip (2pk)

Roll Plastic

Regular price $32.95-$39.95 ...SPECIAL $29.95-$34.95
CAP93081-10Black Roll Plastic (10ft Roll)
CAP93082-10White Roll Plastic (10ft Roll)
CAP93083-10Red Roll Plastic (10ft Roll)
CAP93084-10Yellow Roll Plastic (10ft Roll)
CAP93086-10Blue Roll Plastic (10ft Roll)

3/16" Multi-Grip Rivets

Regular price $15.95 ...SPECIAL $13.95
MGR316-LBL3/16 Large Head Multi Grip Rivets Black
MGR316-SBL3/16 Small Head Multi Grip Rivets Black

3/16" Exploding Rivets

Regular price $16.95-$18.95 ...SPECIAL $14.95-$12.95
INFAA625DL-BLK3/16" Large Head Flare Rivets Black
INFAA625D-BL3/16" Small Head Flare Rivets Black

Double Ended Drill Bits

Regular price $8.95-$9.95 ...SPECIAL $6.95-$7.95
CAPDB3163/16 Drill Bit 6-pack
CAPDB181/8 Drill Bit 6-pack

Pistol Style Air Rivet Gun

Regular price $69.95 ...SPECIAL $54.95
CMS30702Pistol Rivet Gun

***** Rear End Gears *****

9" Ford Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

Regular price $149.95 ...SPECIAL $129.95
MWMF93509" Ford 3.50 Ring & Pinion
MWMF93709" Ford 3.70 Ring & Pinion
MWMF93899" Ford 3.89 Ring & Pinion
MWMF94119" Ford 4.11 Ring & Pinion
MWMF94309" Ford 4.30 Ring & Pinion
MWMF94569" Ford 4.56 Ring & Pinion
MWMF94719" Ford 4.71 Ring & Pinion
MWMF94869" Ford 4.86 Ring & Pinion
MWMF95009" Ford 5.00 Ring & Pinion
MWMF95149" Ford 5.14 Ring & Pinion
MWMF95299" Ford 5.29 Ring & Pinion
MWMF95439" Ford 5.43 Ring & Pinion
MWMF95679" Ford 5.67 Ring & Pinion
MWMF95839" Ford 5.83 Ring & Pinion
MWMF96009" Ford 6.00 Ring & Pinion
MWMF96209" Ford 6.20 Ring & Pinion
MWMF96339" Ford 6.33 Ring & Pinion
MWMF96509" Ford 6.50 Ring & Pinion

9" Ford Gear Installation Kit

Regular price $69.95 ...SPECIAL $59.95
MOTPIK99" Ford Deluxe Installation Kit

7.5 GM Wedgelock Mini Spool

Regular price $199.95 ...SPECIAL $189.00
CMS1027.5 GM Wedge Lock Mini Spool

Quick Change Gear Cover Nut Kits

Regular price $44.95 ...SPECIAL $39.95
WIN7794ABBlue Quick Change Cover Nut Kit
WIN7794AGGold Quick Change Cover Nut Kit
WIN7794ARRed Quick Change Cover Nut Kit
WIN7794ASBKBlack Short Quick Change Cover Nut Kit

***** Spring & Shock Items *****

1" Coarse Thread Jacking Bolt Assembly

Regular price $44.95 ...SPECIAL $39.95
CAP20193-4-51" Coarse Weight Jack Assembly

1-1/8" Fine Thread Jacking Bolt Assemblies

Regular price $49.95 ...SPECIAL $44.95
CMS20506-SWeight Jack Assembly-6" Steel Bolt-5" Plate
CMS20556-SWeight Jack Assembly-6" Steel Bolt-5.5" Plate
CMS20508-SWeight Jack Assembly-8" Steel Bolt-5" Plate
CMS20558-SWeight Jack Assembly-8" Steel Bolt-5.5" Plate

Adjustable Coil Spring Spacer

Regular price $43.95 ...SPECIAL $39.95
CAP20191Adjustable Coil Spring Spacer

Weld-On Shock Mounts

Regular price $9.95 ...SPECIAL $8.95
CAP20137Shock Mount Flat Type
CAP20138A-Arm Shock Mount
CAP20139Shock Mount Cage Mount Type

***** Steering & Front Suspension Items *****

Steering Column Kits

Regular price $129.95-$149.95 ...SPECIAL $119.95-$139.95
CAPSK-1ASteering Column Kit with Aluminum Steering Wheel
CAPSK-1SSteering Column Kit with Steel Steering Wheel

Power Steering Kits with Alternator

Regular price $699.95-$709.95 ...SPECIAL $649.95-$659.95
PSK602B-17ABlock Mount Serpentine Power Steering Kit 17% Reduction with Alternator
PSK602H-17AHead Mount Serpentine Power Steering Kit 17% Reduction with Alternator

6AN GM Power Steering Box Adapter Fittings

Regular price $14.95 ...SPECIAL $12.95
BON37122Power Steering Box Fitting New O-Ring Style Small
BON37123Power Steering Box Fitting New O-Ring Style Large
BON37124Power Steering Box Fitting Old Flare Style Small
BON37125Power Steering Box Fitting Old Flare Style Large

KRC Racing Power Steering Fluid

Regular price $14.95 ...SPECIAL $12.95
KRC10032 001Racing Power Steering Fluid - Quart

Improved Geometry Metric Centerlink

Regular price $94.95 ...SPECIAL $79.95
AFC30271Improved Geometry Metric Center Link

***** Brake System Items *****

Brake Pedals with Master Cylinders

Regular price $209.95 ...SPECIAL $199.95
WIN5644-01-C3Floor Mount Brake Pedal with Master Cylinders
WIN5644-02-C3Swing Mount Brake Pedal with Master Cylinders

Race Car Brake Line Kits

Regular price $129.95 ...SPECIAL $99.95
CAPBLK-3-3 Brake Line Kit
CAPBLK-4-4 Brake Line Kit

Hawk GM Brake Pad Sets

Regular price $95.95-$75.95 ...SPECIAL $89.95-$69.95
HAWHB103Hawk Large GM Caliper Black Brake Pad Set
HAWHB119Hawk GM Metric Caliper Black Brake Pad Set

Winters Polished Wide-5 Hub & Rotor Kits

Regular price $179.95-$189.95 ...SPECIAL $169.95-$179.95
WIN3755F-2394Front Polished Hub Kit with .810 X 12-1/8" Rotor
WIN3755F-2394GMFront Polished Hub Kit with .810 X 11-3/4" Rotor
WIN3755F-6608GMFront Polished Hub Kit with 1.25" X 11-3/4" Rotor
WIN3755-2394Rear Polished Hub Kit with .810 X 12-1/8" Rotor
WIN3755-2394GMRear Polished Hub Kit with .810 X 11-3/4" Rotor
WIN3755-6608GMRear Polished Hub Kit with 1.25" X 11-3/4" Rotor

Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid

Regular price $10.95 ...SPECIAL $9.95
WIL290-0632Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid (12 Oz)

Wilwood EXP 600 Brake Fluid

Regular price $21.95 ...SPECIAL $19.95
WIL290-6209Wilwood EXP 600 Brake Fluid

***** Clutch & Driveline Items *****

Economy Racing Clutch Assemblies

Regular price $499.95 ...SPECIAL $449.95
CAPARC100 86- Down Chevy Racing Clutch Assembly- 35.8 lbs
CAPARC103 87-Up Chevy Clutch Assembly- 35.7 lbs

2-Lever 3-Speed Shifter

Regular price $74.95 ...SPECIAL 694.95
CAP640002 Lever-3 Speed Shifter Assembly

***** Switch & Gauge Panels *****

Longacre Oil Pressure-Water Temperature Gauge Panel

Regular price $109.95 ...SPECIAL $104.95
LON444302 Gauge Panel-O/P W/T-Black Panel

Longacre Gauge Panel with Tachometer

Regular price $299.95 ...SPECIAL $279.95
LON444402 Gauge Panel with 5" Recall Tach-O/P W/T-Black Panel

QuickCar 2-Gauge Panel

Regular price $102.95 ...SPECIAL $99.95
QKC61-6001Standard W/T-O/P Gauge Panel

QuickCar 2-Gauge Panel With Tachometer

Regular price $269.95 ...SPECIAL $249.95
QKC61-6031Standard O/P-W/T Gauge Panel with 5" Memory Tach

Longacre Switch Panel with Accessory Switches

Regular price $74.95 ...SPECIAL $69.95
LON44867Start Ignition Panel with 2 Accessory Switches and Lights-Black Panel

Start Ignition Switch Panel

Regular price $33.95 ...SPECIAL $29.95
QKC50-102Basic Start Ignition Switch Panel

***** Fuel System Components *****

Jaz Fuel Cells with Can

Regular price $275.95-$359.95 ...SPECIAL $269.95-$349.95
JAZ270-012-0612 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and Can
JAZ270-016-0616 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and Can

Fuel Shutoff Valves

Regular price $36.95-$38.95 ...SPECIAL $32.95-$34.95
LAN21031Fuel Shutoff 3/8" Female Pipe Thread
LAN21041Fuel Shutoff 1/2" Female Pipe Thread

Spun Aluminum Air Cleaner Assembly

Regular price $44.95-$49.95 ...SPECIAL $44.95-$39.95
SSA304ASure Seal Spun Aluminum Air Cleaner
SSA303ASure Seal Spun Aluminum Offset Air Cleaner

Economy Air Filter Elements

Regular price $15.95-$16.95 ...SPECIAL $9.95-$12.95
CAP211014x3 Economy Paper Filter
CAP211914x4 Economy Paper Filter

***** Aluminum Racing Radiators *****

Northern Radiators

Regular price $209.95 ...SPECIAL $189.95
NOR20967422 x 19 Chevy Radiator
NOR20967924 x 19 Chevy Radiator
NOR20967526 x 19 Chevy Radiator
NOR20967627.5 x 19 Chevy Radiator
NOR20967731 x 19 Chevy Radiator

***** Engine Components *****

Polished Aluminum Valve Covers

Regular price $137.95-$149.95 ...SPECIAL $129.95-$139.95
CAP6140ASmall Block Chevy Aluminum Valve Cover Kit
CAP6150ASmall Block Chevy Center Bolt Aluminum Valve Cover Kit

Shielded Valve Cover Breathers

Regular price $12.95 ...SPECIAL $10.95
CAP9517Shielded 1-1/2" Valve Cover Breather
CAP9517XShielded 1-3/8" Valve Cover Breather

Chevy Racing Oil Filter

Regular price $14.95 ...SPECIAL $12.95
FRAHP-4Chevy Race Oil Filter

***** Ignition & Electrical Items *****

Economy GM HEI Racing Distributor

Regular price $147.95 ...SPECIAL $129.95
CMS6000Budget Chevy HEI Racing Distributor

Sleeved Ignition Wire Sets

Regular price $149.95-$189.95 ...SPECIAL $139.95-$179.95
CMS72407-KITSmall Block Chevy Under Header Wire Set with Boot Protectors-HEI Cap
CMS72402-KITSmall Block Chevy Over Valve Cover Wire Set with Boot Protectors-HEI Cap
CMS72408-KITSmall Block Chevy HEI Straight Under Header Wires with Boot Protectors
CMS72403-KITSmall Block Chevy HEI Wires Straight Over Valve Cover with Boot Protectors
CMS72409-KITSmall Block Chevy Forward Under Header Wire Set-HEI Cap with Boot Protectors

1-Wire 60 Amp Alternator Kit

Regular price $249.95 ...SPECIAL $239.95
CMS77220-KITChevy 1-Wire Race Car Alternator Kit for Short Water Pump
CMS77222-KITChevy 1-Wire Race Car Alternator Kit for Long Water Pump

3 Horsepower Super Torque Starter

Regular price $149.95 ...SPECIAL $139.95
DBEMT2003hp Super Torque Starter

***** Tools *****

Aluminum Toe In Plates

Regular price $62.95 ...SPECIAL $59.95
LON79501Toe Plates (set)

Pro Hybrid Scale Set

Regular price $1699.95 ...SPECIAL $1599.95
LON72617DX3 Pro Wired Hybrid Scales

2-1/2" Face Deluxe Tire Gauges

Regular price $49.95 ...SPECIAL $44.95
LON520332-1/2" Deluxe Tire Gauge 0-15 LB.
LON520232-1/2" Deluxe Tire Gauge 0-30 LB.
LON520132-1/2" Deluxe Tire Gauge 0-40 LB.
LON520032-1/2" Deluxe Tire Gauge 0-60 LB.

Longacre Durometer with Case

Regular price $58.95 ...SPECIAL $34.95
LON50553Basic Dial Durometer with Plastic Case

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