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Camaro, GM Metric and
Impala Front Spindles

Race Car Chassis Mounting Brackets

Seat Mounts

KIR99200 - Seat Mounting Bracket KitKIR99200Seat Mounting Bracket Kit$129.95
AAM338A - Bottom Seat Mounting BracketAAM338ABottom Seat Mounting Bracket$10.95
AAM260A - Rear Seat Mounting BracketAAM260ARear Seat Mounting Bracket$20.95

Gussets and Tabs

KRA500G-25 - Lightweight Chassis Gussets (25pk)KRA500G-25Lightweight Chassis Gussets (25pk)$11.95
AAM058A - 90 Degree Gusset With 3/8 HoleAAM058A90 Degree Gusset With 3/8 Hole$4.95
AAM043E - Body Mounting Tab Without HoleAAM043EBody Mounting Tab Without Hole$2.95
AAM028D - Chassis Tab with 1/4 Inch HoleAAM028DChassis Tab with 1/4 Inch Hole$2.95
AAM027C - Seat Belt Mounting TabAAM027CSeat Belt Mounting Tab$2.95
AAM042A - Channel Style Mounting Tab 3 in AAM042AChannel Style Mounting Tab 3"$6.95
AAM039A - Channel Style Mounting Tab 4-3/4 in AAM039AChannel Style Mounting Tab 4-3/4"$7.95
AAM022-2A - 1-1/2 in  Steel Tubing End CapAAM022-2A1-1/2" Steel Tubing End Cap$2.95
AAM022-3A - 1-3/4 in  Steel Tubing End CapAAM022-3A1-3/4" Steel Tubing End Cap$2.95

Rear Suspension Mounts

CAP1095-KIT - Metric Trailing Arm Mount Kit for 9 in  Ford HousingCAP1095-KITMetric Trailing Arm Mount Kit for 9" Ford Housing$126.95
CAP1091 - Upper Metric Trailing Arm Mounts for 9 in  Ford HousingCAP1091Upper Metric Trailing Arm Mounts for 9" Ford Housing$68.95
CAP1092 - Lower Metric Trailing Arm Mounts for 9 in  Ford HousingCAP1092Lower Metric Trailing Arm Mounts for 9" Ford Housing$63.95
CAP13350 - 9 in  Ford Offset Upper Link Mounting Plates (pair)CAP133509" Ford Offset Upper Link Mounting Plates (pair)$27.95
CAP13351 - 9 in  Ford Straight Upper Link Brackets (Pair)CAP133519" Ford Straight Upper Link Brackets (Pair)$27.95
AAM159A - Rear End Trailing Arm BracketAAM159ARear End Trailing Arm Bracket$22.95
AAM575A - Rear Trailing Arm Bracket-NarrowAAM575ARear Trailing Arm Bracket-Narrow$18.95

Spring and Shock Mounts

CAP20190F - Coil Spring Bucket For 1-1/8 in  Fine Thread Jacking BoltCAP20190FCoil Spring Bucket For 1-1/8" Fine Thread Jacking Bolt$69.95
CAP20190C - Coil Spring Bucket For 1 in  Coarse Thread Jacking BoltCAP20190CCoil Spring Bucket For 1" Coarse Thread Jacking Bolt$64.95
CAP20193 - Weld-in Weight Jack Plate-1 in  CoarseCAP20193Weld-in Weight Jack Plate-1" Coarse$16.95
CMS20202 - 1-1/8 in  Fine Weight Jack NutCMS202021-1/8" Fine Weight Jack Nut$17.95
CAP23910 - 1 in  Coarse Weight Jack NutCAP239101" Coarse Weight Jack Nut$17.95
CAP20139 - Shock Mount Cage Mount TypeCAP20139Shock Mount Cage Mount Type$10.95
CAP20137 - Shock Mount Flat TypeCAP20137Shock Mount Flat Type$10.95
CAP20138 - A-Arm Shock MountCAP20138A-Arm Shock Mount$10.95
CAP20140 - 5 in  Weld-on Shock BracketCAP201405" Weld-on Shock Bracket$17.95
CAP20141 - 7 in  Weld-on Shock BracketCAP201417" Weld-on Shock Bracket$19.95
AFC50200 - Chrysler Front Leaf Spring Hanger AFC50200Chrysler Front Leaf Spring Hanger $30.95
CAP50201 - Chevy Front Leaf Spring HangerCAP50201Chevy Front Leaf Spring Hanger$25.95
CAP3313 - 2-Piece Shock Mount for 1-1/2 in  TubingCAP33132-Piece Shock Mount for 1-1/2" Tubing$19.95
CAP3315 - 2-Piece Shock Mount for 1-3/4 in  TubingCAP33152-Piece Shock Mount for 1-3/4" Tubing$19.95
CAP3322 - Clamp-On Shock Mount for 1-1/2 in  TubingCAP3322Clamp-On Shock Mount for 1-1/2" Tubing$23.95
CAP3323 - Clamp-On Shock Mount for 1-3/4 in  TubingCAP3323Clamp-On Shock Mount for 1-3/4" Tubing$23.95
DMP77150 - 1-1/2 in  Front Shock SliderDMP771501-1/2" Front Shock Slider$39.95
BRP284 - 1-1/4 in  Shock Slider-Two PieceBRP2841-1/4" Shock Slider-Two Piece$40.95
BRP286 - 1-1/2 in  Shock Slider-Two PieceBRP2861-1/2" Shock Slider-Two Piece$40.95
BRP288 - 1-3/4 in  Shock Slider-Two PieceBRP2881-3/4" Shock Slider-Two Piece$40.95
CAP120 - 1-1/2 in  Aluminum Two Piece Clamp On MountCAP1201-1/2" Aluminum Two Piece Clamp On Mount$49.95
CAP121 - 1-3/4 in  Aluminum Two Piece Clamp On MountCAP1211-3/4" Aluminum Two Piece Clamp On Mount$44.95

Upper A-Arm Mounts & Shims

CMS0625B - Slotted Upper A-Arm MountCMS0625BSlotted Upper A-Arm Mount$19.95
CMS0600 - 0 in  Offset A-Arm Mount InsertCMS06000" Offset A-Arm Mount Insert$12.95
CMS0618 - 1/8 in  Offset A-Arm Mount InsertCMS06181/8" Offset A-Arm Mount Insert$12.95
CMS0614 - 1/4 in  Offset A-Arm Mount InsertCMS06141/4" Offset A-Arm Mount Insert$12.95
CMS0638 - 3/8 in  Offset A-Arm Mount InsertCMS06383/8" Offset A-Arm Mount Insert$12.95
CMS0612 - 1/2 in  Offset A-Arm Mount InsertCMS06121/2" Offset A-Arm Mount Insert$12.95
CAP20080 - Upper A-arm Mount-6 in  Hole SpacingCAP20080Upper A-arm Mount-6" Hole Spacing$16.95
LON78512 - A-arm Spacer KitLON78512A-arm Spacer Kit$64.95
AFC10506 - Caster and Camber A-Arm ShimsAFC10506Caster and Camber A-Arm Shims$7.95

Ballast Mounts

DIX3796 - 1-1/4 in  Ballast MountDIX37961-1/4" Ballast Mount$16.95
DIX3799 - 1-1/2 in  Ballast MountDIX37991-1/2" Ballast Mount$16.95
DIX3798 - 1-3/4 in  Ballast MountDIX37981-3/4" Ballast Mount$16.95

Battery Boxes

CAP50302 - Battery Box 9.5 in  WideCAP50302Battery Box 9.5" Wide$37.95
CAP50301 - Battery Box 11 in  WideCAP50301Battery Box 11" Wide$27.95
AFC50303 - 11 in  Bolt-In Battery BoxAFC5030311" Bolt-In Battery Box$51.95

Steering Mounts

AAM069A - 2-1/4 in  Steering Column Mounting BracketAAM069A2-1/4" Steering Column Mounting Bracket$9.95
AAM069B - 4 in  Steering Column Mounting BracketAAM069B4" Steering Column Mounting Bracket$12.95
AAM066A - 8 in  Steering Column Mounting BracketAAM066A8" Steering Column Mounting Bracket$16.95
AFC30380 - 11 in  Steering Column Mounting BracketAFC3038011" Steering Column Mounting Bracket$27.95
CAPSS-KIT - 56 in  3-Piece Steering Shaft KitCAPSS-KIT56" 3-Piece Steering Shaft Kit$49.95
CAPSS-28 - 28 in  Long 3/4 in  Steel Steering ShaftCAPSS-2828" Long 3/4" Steel Steering Shaft$20.95
CAPSS-01 - Steering Shaft Coupler for 3/4 in  O.D. Steering ShaftCAPSS-01Steering Shaft Coupler for 3/4" O.D. Steering Shaft$9.95
CAPSS-57 - 4'9 in  Long 3/4 in  Steel Steering ShaftCAPSS-574'9" Long 3/4" Steel Steering Shaft$69.95
CAP30323-S - Steel 3/4 in  Steering Shaft CollarCAP30323-sSteel 3/4" Steering Shaft Collar$11.95

Motor and Transmission Mounts

CAP38082 - Gm G-body Motor Mount Frame BracketsCAP38082Gm G-body Motor Mount Frame Brackets$75.95
AAM032S - Chevy Solid Motor Mount Set (pair)AAM032SChevy Solid Motor Mount Set (pair)$17.95
MOR62630 - Solid Frame Mount PadsMOR62630Solid Frame Mount Pads$60.95
MOR62515 - GM Motor Mount SetMOR62515GM Motor Mount Set$40.95
CAP80652 - Small Block Chevy Rear Motor Mount SetCAP80652Small Block Chevy Rear Motor Mount Set$31.95
MOR62600 - Solid Transmission MountMOR62600Solid Transmission Mount$36.95
AAM104A - Weld On Transmission Mounting BracketAAM104AWeld On Transmission Mounting Bracket$19.95

Misc. Mounts

CMS21220 - Radiator Mounting KitCMS21220Radiator Mounting Kit$29.95
CMS21230 - Rubber Radiator Mounting Pads (Pair)CMS21230Rubber Radiator Mounting Pads (Pair)$8.95
AAM230A - Drive Shaft LoopAAM230ADrive Shaft Loop$27.95

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