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Chevy Clutch Assembly
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Camaro, GM Metric and
Impala Front Spindles

Race Car Switches

Longacre Switch Panel Brackets

LON22783 - Switch Panel Mounting Brackets for 1-3/4 in  TubingLON22783Switch Panel Mounting Brackets for 1-3/4" Tubing$64.95
LON22787 - Switch Panel Mounting Brackets for 1-1/2 in  TubingLON22787Switch Panel Mounting Brackets for 1-1/2" Tubing$59.95

Longacre Switch Panel Harness

LON44930 - 12 Gauge Switch Panel Wiring HarnessLON4493012 Gauge Switch Panel Wiring Harness$44.95

QuickCar Switch Panel Harness

QKC50-201 - Start Ignition Wiring Harness For Cars With HEI IgnitionQKC50-201Start Ignition Wiring Harness For Cars With HEI Ignition$24.95
QKC50-200 - Start Ignition Wiring Harness For Cars With MSD IgnitionQKC50-200Start Ignition Wiring Harness For Cars With MSD Ignition$24.95

Longacre Switches & Start Buttons

LON45420 - Heavy Duty 40 Amp Switch with CoverLON45420Heavy Duty 40 Amp Switch with Cover$19.95
LON45423 - Weatherproof 40 Amp Switch with CoverLON45423Weatherproof 40 Amp Switch with Cover$25.95
LON45470 - Aircraft Style 40 Amp Ignition SwitchLON45470Aircraft Style 40 Amp Ignition Switch$21.95
QKC50-524 - Red Toggle Switch Extensions (Pair)QKC50-524Red Toggle Switch Extensions (Pair)$7.50
QKC50-526 - Black Toggle Switch Extensions (Pair)QKC50-526Black Toggle Switch Extensions (Pair)$7.50
JRP17501 - Switch Panel LabelsJRP17501Switch Panel Labels$16.95
LON45460 - Heavy Duty Starter ButtonLON45460Heavy Duty Starter Button$17.95
LON45466 - Weatherproof Starter Button with CoverLON45466Weatherproof Starter Button with Cover$29.95

Longacre Battery Switches & Charging Posts

LON45760 - Battery Disconnect Switch without Alternator Terminals-Black PanelLON45760Battery Disconnect Switch without Alternator Terminals-Black Panel$52.95
LON45748 - Economy Battery Shut Off SwitchLON45748Economy Battery Shut Off Switch$25.95
LON45700 - Battery Through PostLON45700Battery Through Post$17.95
LON45720 - Battery Charging Post RedLON45720Battery Charging Post Red$19.95
LON45740 - Battery Charging Post BlackLON45740Battery Charging Post Black$19.95

QuickCar Battery Switches & Charging Posts

QKC55-012 - Battery Disconnect PanelQKC55-012Battery Disconnect Panel$39.95
QKC57-601 - Battery Disconnect Terminal Boots (Pair)QKC57-601Battery Disconnect Terminal Boots (Pair)$6.95
QKC57-718 - Battery Charging Posts with Flat BracketQKC57-718Battery Charging Posts with Flat Bracket$54.95
QKC57-719 - Battery Charging Posts with Angle BracketQKC57-719Battery Charging Posts with Angle Bracket$59.95

Gauge Line Kits

CAP424HC - -4 24 in  Oil Pressure Hose KitCAP424HC-4 24" Oil Pressure Hose Kit$19.95
CAP436HC - -4 36 in  Oil Pressure Hose KitCAP436HC-4 36" Oil Pressure Hose Kit$21.95
CAP448HC - -4 48 in  Oil Pressure Hose KitCAP448HC-4 48" Oil Pressure Hose Kit$23.95

Longacre Warning Light Kits

LON40000 - Oil Pressure Gaugelite Kit 20 PSILON40000Oil Pressure Gaugelite Kit 20 PSI$34.95
LON40150 - Water Temperature Gauge Light Kit 230°LON40150Water Temperature Gauge Light Kit 230°$34.95
LON40350 - Oil Temperature Gaugelite Kit 270°LON40350Oil Temperature Gaugelite Kit 270°$39.95

QuickCar Warning Light Kits

QKC61-711 - Low Oil Pressure Warning Light KitQKC61-711Low Oil Pressure Warning Light Kit$25.95
QKC61-713 - Low Water Pressure Warning Light KitQKC61-713Low Water Pressure Warning Light Kit$25.95
QKC61-719 - Low Fuel Pressure Warning Light KitQKC61-719Low Fuel Pressure Warning Light Kit$27.95
QKC61-714 - High Oil Temperature Warning Light KitQKC61-714High Oil Temperature Warning Light Kit$29.95
QKC61-712 - High Water Temperature Warning Light KitQKC61-712High Water Temperature Warning Light Kit$29.95

Longacre Warning Lights

LON41801 - Clear Warning LightLON41801Clear Warning Light$14.95
LON41802 - Red Warning LightLON41802Red Warning Light$14.95
LON41803 - Amber Warning LightLON41803Amber Warning Light$14.95
LON41804 - Green Warning LightLON41804Green Warning Light$14.95
LON41805 - Blue Warning LightLON41805Blue Warning Light$14.95
LON42300 - Switch Panel Replacement Pilot LightLON42300Switch Panel Replacement Pilot Light$14.95

Longacre Sending Units

LON43000 - Oil Pressure Adjustable Sender 15-50 PSILON43000Oil Pressure Adjustable Sender 15-50 PSI$39.95
LON43020 - Fuel Pressure Adjustable Sender 2-7 PSILON43020Fuel Pressure Adjustable Sender 2-7 PSI$29.95
LON43080 - Oil Pressure Sender 20PSILON43080Oil Pressure Sender 20PSI$24.95
LON43250 - Water Temperature Sender 230°LON43250Water Temperature Sender 230°$29.95
LON43350 - Oil Temperature Sender 270°LON43350Oil Temperature Sender 270°$29.95

Gauge Fittings

LON46150 - AccuTech Replacement Temp Gauge Adapter FittingLON46150AccuTech Replacement Temp Gauge Adapter Fitting$14.95
FRG495020 - -3 To 1/8 in  Female Pipe Fitting (Alum)FRG495020-3 To 1/8" Female Pipe Fitting (Alum)$7.40
FRG495021 - -4 To 1/8 in  Female Pipe Fitting (Alum)FRG495021-4 To 1/8" Female Pipe Fitting (Alum)$7.40
FRG495023 - -4 90 Degree to 1/8 Female Pipe Fitting (Alum)FRG495023-4 90 Degree to 1/8 Female Pipe Fitting (Alum)$9.52

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