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Race Car Garage Equipment

Race Car Fabrication Tools

CAP10263-3/16 - 3/16 in  Cleco Kit With PliersCAP10263-3/163/16" Cleco Kit With Pliers$29.95
CAP10120-20 - 3/16 in  Clecos (20pk)CAP10120-203/16" Clecos (20pk)$19.95
CAP10263-1/8 - 1/8 in  Cleco Kit With PliersCAP10263-1/81/8" Cleco Kit With Pliers$29.95
CAP10119-20 - 1/8 in  Clecos (20pk)CAP10119-201/8" Clecos (20pk)$19.95
CAP100131 - Cleco PliersCAP100131Cleco Pliers$12.95
CMS12830 - Air Pop Rivet GunCMS12830Air Pop Rivet Gun$69.95
CMS30702 - Pistol Rivet GunCMS30702Pistol Rivet Gun$69.95
CMS30703 - Pop Rivet Drill Adapter ToolCMS30703Pop Rivet Drill Adapter Tool$24.95
LHC128502H - Hand Pop Rivet GunLHC128502HHand Pop Rivet Gun$12.95
CAP38LHT - 3/8 in -24 Left Hand TapCAP38LHT3/8"-24 Left Hand Tap$13.95
CAP38RHT - 3/8 in -24 Right Hand TapCAP38RHT3/8"-24 Right Hand Tap$13.95
CAP12LHT - 1/2 in   Fine Left Hand TapCAP12LHT1/2" Fine Left Hand Tap$15.95
CAP12RHT - 1/2 in  Fine Right Hand TapCAP12RHT1/2" Fine Right Hand Tap$15.95
CAP58LHT - 5/8 in  Fine Left Hand TapCAP58LHT5/8" Fine Left Hand Tap$16.95
CAP58RHT - 5/8 in  Fine Right Hand TapCAP58RHT5/8" Fine Right Hand Tap$16.95
CAP34LHT - 3/4 in  Fine Left Hand TapCAP34LHT3/4" Fine Left Hand Tap$17.95
CAP34RHT - 3/4 in  Fine Right Hand TapCAP34RHT3/4" Fine Right Hand Tap$17.95
CAPDB18 - 1/8 Drill Bit 6-packCAPDB181/8 Drill Bit 6-pack$8.95
CAPDB316 - 3/16 Drill Bit 6-packCAPDB3163/16 Drill Bit 6-pack$9.95
QKC66-100 - Radius Rod Tube RulerQKC66-100Radius Rod Tube Ruler$91.95
QKC66-106 - Tube Ruler 1/2 in , 5/8 in , 3/4 in  Adapter SetQKC66-106Tube Ruler 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" Adapter Set$22.95

Longacre Race Car Caster Camber Gauges and Turn Plates

LON78290 - Digital Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge With CaseLON78290Digital Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge With Case$289.95
LON78272 - Billet Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge with CaseLON78272Billet Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge with Case$169.95
LON78260 - Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge with CaseLON78260Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge with Case$169.95
LON78262 - Camber Caster Gauge with GM AdapterLON78262Camber Caster Gauge with GM Adapter$169.95
LON78264 - Caster Camber Gauge with Wide-5 AdapterLON78264Caster Camber Gauge with Wide-5 Adapter$169.95
LON78265 - Caster Camber Gauge with Kart AdapterLON78265Caster Camber Gauge with Kart Adapter$159.95
LON78100 - Karting Camber GaugeLON78100Karting Camber Gauge$139.95
LON78295 - Quickset Digital Caster Camber GaugeLON78295Quickset Digital Caster Camber Gauge$369.95
CMS78000 - Economy Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge CMS78000Economy Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge $39.95
LON78405 - Caster Camber Adapter-Wide-5LON78405Caster Camber Adapter-Wide-5$59.95
LON78410 - Caster Camber Adapter-GM 3/4-20LON78410Caster Camber Adapter-GM 3/4-20$54.95
LON78424 - Caster Camber Adapter - MagneticLON78424Caster Camber Adapter - Magnetic$89.95
LON78512 - A-arm Spacer KitLON78512A-arm Spacer Kit$59.95
LON79800 - Alum Turn Plates (pr)LON79800Alum Turn Plates (pr)$899.95

Longacre Race Car Set-up Tools

LON78311 - Pro Series Digital AccuLevelLON78311Pro Series Digital AccuLevel$139.95
LON78310 - Digital AcculevelLON78310Digital Acculevel$109.95
LON79005 - Bump Steer GaugeLON79005Bump Steer Gauge$429.95
LON79630 - Quicktoe Wheel Mounted Toe-In Setting ToolLON79630Quicktoe Wheel Mounted Toe-In Setting Tool$349.95
LON79501 - Toe Plates (set)LON79501Toe Plates (set)$74.95
LON79505 - Deluxe Toe Plate SetLON79505Deluxe Toe Plate Set$189.95
LON79610 - Billet Tire ScribeLON79610Billet Tire Scribe$139.95
LON79620 - Toe In GaugeLON79620Toe In Gauge$179.95
LON78318 - Mini Chassis Height CheckerLON78318Mini Chassis Height Checker$89.95
QKC56-108 - Pocket Sized Ride Height GaugeQKC56-108Pocket Sized Ride Height Gauge$22.95
CMSAF-1 - Economy Angle FinderCMSAF-1Economy Angle Finder$13.95
LON50875 - Tape Measure 16'x3/4 in LON50875Tape Measure 16'x3/4"$9.95

Race Car Hub Nut & Ball Joint Sockets

CMS24007 - Wide 5 Spindle SocketCMS24007Wide 5 Spindle Socket$41.95
CAP80704 - Grand National Hub Nut WrenchCAP80704Grand National Hub Nut Wrench$43.95
JRP40050 - Ball Joint Socket SmallJRP40050Ball Joint Socket Small$54.95
JRP40075 - Ball Joint Socket LargeJRP40075Ball Joint Socket Large$54.95

Ball Joint Spreader Tool

ALL11174 - Ball Joint Spreader ToolALL11174Ball Joint Spreader Tool$39.95
ALL11175 - Pair of 1 in  Extensions for Ball Joint SpreaderALL11175Pair of 1" Extensions for Ball Joint Spreader$29.95

AN Wrenches

CMS6211 - Single End AN Wrench Set CMS6211Single End AN Wrench Set $64.95
CMS7941 - Double End AN Wrench SetCMS7941Double End AN Wrench Set$104.95
CMS6206 - 9 in  Aluminum Adjustable WrenchCMS62069" Aluminum Adjustable Wrench$49.95
FRG900061 - Vice Jaw InsertsFRG900061Vice Jaw Inserts$37.95

Race Car Tire Tools

LHC0938 - 1/4 in x10' Tire Stagger TapeLHC09381/4"x10' Tire Stagger Tape$4.95
RLM80833 - 6-Blade Tire SiperRLM808336-Blade Tire Siper$109.95
LON50100 - Tirelief Kit with Setting Tool and CaseLON50100Tirelief Kit with Setting Tool and Case$339.95
LON50000 - Tirelief Valves (4pk)LON50000Tirelief Valves (4pk)$109.95
LON50546 - Dial Tire Durometer with Carrying CaseLON50546Dial Tire Durometer with Carrying Case$79.95

Miscellaneous Race Car Shop Tools

LON73505 - Electronic Digital Coil Spring TesterLON73505Electronic Digital Coil Spring Tester$1499.95
CAP11010 - Mini Tubing CutterCAP11010Mini Tubing Cutter$9.95
CAP11015 - Double Flare ToolCAP11015Double Flare Tool$35.95
LON44145 - Caliper Test Gauges with CaseLON44145Caliper Test Gauges with Case$109.95
LON45202 - Brake Bleeder KitLON45202Brake Bleeder Kit$30.95
CAP80745 - Safety Wire PliersCAP80745Safety Wire Pliers$26.95
CAP80746 - Safety WireCAP80746Safety Wire$17.95
LON22528 - Set Up/Tire Chart PadLON22528Set Up/Tire Chart Pad$16.95
LON45795 - Remote Start ButtonLON45795Remote Start Button$69.95
MOR71600 - Flat Style Dzus Fastener ToolMOR71600Flat Style Dzus Fastener Tool$8.95
MOR71606 - Screwdriver Style Dzus Fastener ToolMOR71606Screwdriver Style Dzus Fastener Tool$25.95
CMS1907 - Chevy Motor Transport StandCMS1907Chevy Motor Transport Stand$79.95
CMS1906 - Chevy Motor Transport Stand with CastersCMS1906Chevy Motor Transport Stand with Casters$99.95

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