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Great Gift Ideas and Specials for the Holiday Season

The one size fits all gift. The perfect solution to help a relative or friend that needs items for their race car. Gift certificates are sold in $10 units. Example: For a $50 gift certificate you would order 5.

GIFT CERTIFICATEGift Certificate $10 Unit

Great Holiday Gifts from

Take advantage of these overstock products from Longacre Racing. All products are new and in perfect condition. They are either overstock of current models or leftovers of previous models. Limited quantities at great savings on all...once they are gone they are gone!

JJLON44381 - 4-1/2 in  Silver Face Stepper Motor Tachometer-OverstockJJLON443814-1/2" Silver Face Stepper Motor Tachometer-Overstock$119.95
JJLON44385 - 5 in  Silver Face Sportsman Tachometer-OverstockJJLON443855" Silver Face Sportsman Tachometer-Overstock$99.95
JJLON44124 - Mini Brake Balance Gauge Panel-Black Panel-OverstockJJLON44124Mini Brake Balance Gauge Panel-Black Panel-Overstock$49.95
JJLON22536 - 14 in  Mirror with Long Brackets-OverstockJJLON2253614" Mirror with Long Brackets-Overstock$39.95
JJLON45780 - Battery Disconnect Switch with Alternator Terminals-OverstockJJLON45780Battery Disconnect Switch with Alternator Terminals-Overstock$19.95
JJLON50553 - Basic Dial Durometer-OverstockJJLON50553Basic Dial Durometer-Overstock$34.95
JJLON45370 - Aircraft Style Switch Cover-OverstockJJLON45370Aircraft Style Switch Cover-Overstock$6.95

Safety Equipment

Nomex High Top Driving Shoes
High top driving shoes have an outer layer of suede leather with a flame retardant inner layer of Pyrovatex. Features include lace-up front, two Velcro ankle straps, rubber tread soles with wear guard outer edges, and removable inner arch support. SFI 3-3/5 tested and tagged. Available in red, black, or blue. Sizes 7-13 by half sizes. Sizing matches sneaker size.

Regular price $89.95 ...SPECIAL $69.95 Thats a $20.00 savings !!
HTS51100Nomex High Top Driving Shoes - Black
HTS51100-BLNomex High Top Driving Shoes Blue
HTS51100-RDNomex High Top Driving Shoes Red

DRA96000 - 5-Point Individual Style Bolt-in Seat Belt SetDRA960005-Point Individual Style Bolt-in Seat Belt Set$69.95
DRA92000 - 5-Point V-Style Bolt-in Belt SetDRA920005-Point V-Style Bolt-in Belt Set$69.95
SLG50200 - Single Layer Driving GlovesSLG50200Single Layer Driving Gloves$39.95
DLG50300 - Double Layer Nomex Driving Gloves DLG50300Double Layer Nomex Driving Gloves $49.95
LON11200 - Pit GlovesLON11200Pit Gloves$14.95
DRA13000 - 18x24 Ribbon Style Window NetDRA1300018x24 Ribbon Style Window Net$21.95
DRA18000 - 18x24x30 Slant Style Window NetDRA1800018x24x30 Slant Style Window Net$24.95
LON11911 - Red Duffel BagLON11911Red Duffel Bag$39.95
RCVFD1600-RO - Raceceiver Rookie KitRCVFD1600-RORaceceiver Rookie Kit$129.95
RCVFD1600-SP - Raceceiver Semi Pro KitRCVFD1600-SPRaceceiver Semi Pro Kit$149.95

Tools & Equipment

Pistol Style Air Rivet Gun
Pistol grip style rivet gun includes catch cup for pins and comes with 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" & 3/16" tips. Makes a great Holiday gift.

Regular price $69.95 ...SPECIAL $59.95 ... That's a $10 savings !!
CMS30702Pistol Rivet Gun

Toe Plate Kit
Toe plates rest against both tires. Read rulers through slots in plates. Comes with two 10' rulers. New design has small magnets to hold ruler end in place.

Regular price $56.95 ...SPECIAL $51.95 ...Makes a great holiday gift!
LON79501Toe Plates (set)

Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge
Caster camber gauge with magnetic adapter. Measures +12 to -4 degrees caster and +6 to -6 degrees camber. Padded carrying case included.

Regular price $139.95...SPECIAL $129.95...Holiday special $10.00 off!!
LON78260Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge with Case

LON68525 - Short Pit Socket (2-1/4 in  Long)LON68525Short Pit Socket (2-1/4" Long)$59.95
LON68524 - Economy Pit Socket With SpringLON68524Economy Pit Socket With Spring$19.95
LON52034 - 2 in  Standard Tire Gauge 0-15 LB.LON520342" Standard Tire Gauge 0-15 LB.$28.95
LON52024 - 2 in  Standard Tire Gauge 0-30 LB.LON520242" Standard Tire Gauge 0-30 LB.$28.95
LON52004 - 2 in  Standard Tire Gauge 0-60 LB.LON520042" Standard Tire Gauge 0-60 LB.$28.95
LON53006 - 2 in  Digital Tire Gauge 0-60 LB.LON530062" Digital Tire Gauge 0-60 LB.$39.95
LON53036 - 2 in  Digital Tire Gauge 0-100 LB.LON530362" Digital Tire Gauge 0-100 LB.$39.95
CMS90105 - 15 in  Tire Bead BreakerCMS9010515" Tire Bead Breaker$39.95
AER54-500005 - Rim WrenchAER54-500005Rim Wrench$28.95
LON50840 - Aluminum Tire Stagger GaugeLON50840Aluminum Tire Stagger Gauge$79.95
CMSAF-1 - Economy Angle FinderCMSAF-1Economy Angle Finder$13.95
ALL50800 - An Plastic Line CapsALL50800An Plastic Line Caps$9.95
ALL50810 - An Plastic Line PlugsALL50810An Plastic Line Plugs$9.95
CMS7940 - Double End AN Wrench SetCMS7940Double End AN Wrench Set$94.95
CMS6211 - Single End AN Wrench Set CMS6211Single End AN Wrench Set $63.95
LHC0938 - 1/4 in x10' Tire Stagger TapeLHC09381/4"x10' Tire Stagger Tape$4.95
LON50870 - Tire Tape 10'x1/4 in LON50870Tire Tape 10'x1/4"$5.95
CMS24007 - Wide 5 Spindle SocketCMS24007Wide 5 Spindle Socket$37.95
SSB196 - Dirt Track Stock Car Technology - CloseoutSSB196Dirt Track Stock Car Technology - Closeout$24.95
SSBV191 - Street Stock Chassis Set-Up and Adjustment DVD - CloseoutSSBV191Street Stock Chassis Set-Up and Adjustment DVD - Closeout$29.95
SSB289 - Building a Mustang Ministock - CloseoutSSB289Building a Mustang Ministock - Closeout$24.95

Gauges and Switches

5" Recall Memory Tachometer
Designed for HEI or standard ignition systems. Memory recalls highest reading. Backed by 1 year Autometer warranty.

Regular price $159.95 ...HOLIDAY SPECIAL $139.95 ...Great Holiday Gift!!
ATM2339075" Economy Memory Recall Tachometer (Silver)
ATM2339025" Economy Memory Recall Tachometer (Black)

LON44430 - 2 Gauge Panel-O/P W/T-Black PanelLON444302 Gauge Panel-O/P W/T-Black Panel$104.95
LON44431 - 3 Gauge Panel O/P W/T O/T - Black PanelLON444313 Gauge Panel O/P W/T O/T - Black Panel$159.95
LON44440 - 2 Gauge Panel with 5 in  Recall Tach-O/P W/T-Black PanelLON444402 Gauge Panel with 5" Recall Tach-O/P W/T-Black Panel$289.95
LON44861 - Basic Start Ignition Switch-Black PanelLON44861Basic Start Ignition Switch-Black Panel$38.95
LON44863 - Start Ignition Panel with Pilot Light-Black PanelLON44863Start Ignition Panel with Pilot Light-Black Panel$42.95
LON44866 - Start Ignition Panel with Light - BlackLON44866Start Ignition Panel with Light - Black$68.95
LON44867 - Start Ignition Panel with 2 Accessory Switches and Lights-Black PanelLON44867Start Ignition Panel with 2 Accessory Switches and Lights-Black Panel$63.95
LON44869 - Start Ignition Panel with 6 Accessory Switches-Black PanelLON44869Start Ignition Panel with 6 Accessory Switches-Black Panel$97.95
LON44871 - Start Ignition Panel with Battery Switch-Black PanelLON44871Start Ignition Panel with Battery Switch-Black Panel$78.95
LON44124 - Mini Brake Balance Gauge Panel-Black PanelLON44124Mini Brake Balance Gauge Panel-Black Panel$75.95
LON44134 - Brake Balance Gauge Panel-Black PanelLON44134Brake Balance Gauge Panel-Black Panel$85.95
LON45784 - Battery Disconnect Switch with Alternator Terminals-Black PanelLON45784Battery Disconnect Switch with Alternator Terminals-Black Panel$38.95

Aluminum Racing Seats

Kirkey Intermediate Seats
This 10 degree lay-back seat features lap belt cutouts, .125" aluminum construction, and a thick padded contoured cover available in black vinyl or black tweed. Sizes 14"-18" wide.

Regular price $299.95...SPECIAL $225.00 Quantities are limited.

KIR3610014" Intermediate 20 Degree Layback Seat with Cover - Closeout
KIR3910014" Intermediate 10 Degree Layback Seat with Cover - Closeout

KIR70140KIT - 14 in  Kirkey Economy Containment SeatKIR70140KIT14" Kirkey Economy Containment Seat$509.95
KIR70150KIT - 15 in  Kirkey Economy Containment SeatKIR70150KIT15" Kirkey Economy Containment Seat$509.95
KIR70160KIT - 16 in  Kirkey Economy Containment SeatKIR70160KIT16" Kirkey Economy Containment Seat$509.95
KIR70170KIT - 17 in  Kirkey Economy Containment SeatKIR70170KIT17" Kirkey Economy Containment Seat$509.95

Aluminum Racing Radiators

Wicked Cool Aluminum Radiators
Wicked Cool pro series radiators are top quality aluminum construction for long life. Maximum cooling with minimum weight. Core has two rows of 1" tubes. Top hose connection is 1-1/2" on drivers side, bottom is 1-3/4" on passengers side. Measurements are total width including tanks and total core height.

Regular price $169.95...SPECIAL $159.95...That's a $10.00 Savings!!

WCR2219C22"x19" Chevy Radiator
WCR2419C24"x19" Chevy Radiator
WCR2619C26"x19" Chevy Radiator
WCR2719C27.5"x19" Chevy Radiator
WCR3119C31"x19" Chevy Radiator

Fuel System

JAZ270-008-06 - 8 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and CanJAZ270-008-068 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and Can$262.95
JAZ270-012-06 - 12 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and CanJAZ270-012-0612 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and Can$275.95
JAZ270-016-06 - 16 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and CanJAZ270-016-0616 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and Can$359.95
JAZ270-222-06 - 22 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and CanJAZ270-222-0622 Gallon Fuel Cell with Foam and Can$469.95
VPFSQ-RED - 5 Gallon Square Fuel Jug RedVPFSQ-RED5 Gallon Square Fuel Jug Red$29.95
VPFSQ-BLU - 5 Gallon Square Fuel Jug BlueVPFSQ-BLU5 Gallon Square Fuel Jug Blue$29.95
VPFSQ-WHT - 5 Gallon Square Fuel Jug WhiteVPFSQ-WHT5 Gallon Square Fuel Jug White$29.95
VPFSPOUT - Fuel Jug Pour SpoutVPFSPOUTFuel Jug Pour Spout$14.95

Ignition and Electrical

GM HEI Economy Racing Distributer
These racing Chevy HEI distributors are built with 100% new components. Featuring: CNC machined aluminum body, adjustable vacuum advance, vacuum advance lockout included, high performance module, 50,000 volt high output coil, billet 4340 steel gear. Reliable operation up to 7000 RPM. Note: cap may be black or red depending on availability.

Regular price $139.95...SPECIAL $119.95...That's a $20.00 Savings!!
CMS6000Budget Chevy HEI Racing Distributor

Sleeved Ignition Wire Kit
8mm racing wires are made to our exacting specifications. Full length red heat sleeved with numbered shrink sleeve ends. Coil wire included. Wire sets have 90 degree boots on both ends or straight boot on spark plug end. Kit includes set of 8 wire boot protectors for maximum protection. Use 11mm looms and separators. Your choice of over valve covers or under header styles. All wire sets fit pin type distributor cap used on GM HEI or new MSD type distributors.

Regular price $149.95 ...SPECIAL $139.95 $ave $10.00.
CMS72402-KITSmall Block Chevy Over Valve Cover Wire Set with Boot Protectors-HEI Cap
CMS72403-KITSmall Block Chevy HEI Wires Straight Over Valve Cover with Boot Protectors
CMS72407-KITSmall Block Chevy Under Header Wire Set with Boot Protectors-HEI Cap
CMS72408-KITSmall Block Chevy HEI Straight Under Header Wires with Boot Protectors

MOR72231 - GM HEI Race DistributorMOR72231GM HEI Race Distributor$249.95
CMS6005 - Performance Chevy HEI Distributor Rebuild KitCMS6005Performance Chevy HEI Distributor Rebuild Kit$104.95
CMS72407 - Small Block Chevy Under Header Wire Set-HEI CapCMS72407Small Block Chevy Under Header Wire Set-HEI Cap$114.95
CMS72402 - Small Block Chevy Over Valve Cover Wire Set-HEI CapCMS72402Small Block Chevy Over Valve Cover Wire Set-HEI Cap$114.95
CMS72408 - Small Block Chevy HEI Straight Under Header WiresCMS72408Small Block Chevy HEI Straight Under Header Wires$114.95
CMS72403 - Small Block Chevy HEI Wires Straight Over Valve CoverCMS72403Small Block Chevy HEI Wires Straight Over Valve Cover$114.95
CMS77222-KIT - Chevy 1-Wire Race Car Alternator Kit for Long Water PumpCMS77222-KITChevy 1-Wire Race Car Alternator Kit for Long Water Pump$249.95
CMS77220-KIT - Chevy 1-Wire Race Car Alternator Kit for Short Water PumpCMS77220-KITChevy 1-Wire Race Car Alternator Kit for Short Water Pump$249.95
DBE12180 - 60 Amp Mini AlternatorDBE1218060 Amp Mini Alternator$129.95
DBEMT200 - 3hp Super Torque StarterDBEMT2003hp Super Torque Starter$149.95

Brakes - Steering - Chassis - Clutch

10,000 RPM Chevy Ultra Light Clutch
Lightweight stock appearing steel clutch assemblys. Weights under 25 lbs including flywheel. Meets most stock appearing rule requirements. Use with RAM78125 hydraulic bearing. Available for both 86 and down Chevy with 2-piece rear main seal and 87 and up Chevy with 1-piece rear main seal. Available with 1-1/8" 10 spline or 26 spline disc.

Regular price $799.95 ...SPECIAL $699.95 Off season SALE Quantities are limited.
TEN9311S10.5" Chevy Clutch Assembly (86-down) - 23.4 lbs
TEN9311S-CM10.5" Chevy Clutch Assembly (87-up) - 24.2 lbs

Power Steering Kit
Kit includes cast iron racing power steering pump with 5-1/2" aluminum v-belt pulley, remote tubing mounted aluminum reservoir with mounting bracket, choice of block or head mounted bracket to mount pump on drivers side of small block Chevy motor. Spacing of pump or bracket may be necessary to achieve belt alignment.

Regular price $199.95 ...SPECIAL $189.95 ...That's a $10.00 Savings!!
CAPPSK-1BPower Steering Pump, Bracket, Reservoir Kit (block Mount)
CAPPSK-1HPower Steering Pump, Bracket, Reservoir Kit (head Mount)

RAM78125 - Ram Stock Hydraulic Throwout BearingRAM78125Ram Stock Hydraulic Throwout Bearing$149.95
RAM78125-HD - Heavy Duty Ram Stock Hydraulic Throwout BearingRAM78125-HDHeavy Duty Ram Stock Hydraulic Throwout Bearing$214.95
WIN5828-01A - Floor Mount Clutch Pedal with 3/4 in  Master CylinderWIN5828-01AFloor Mount Clutch Pedal with 3/4" Master Cylinder$99.95
WIN5828-02A - Swing Mount Clutch Pedal with 3/4 in  Master CylinderWIN5828-02ASwing Mount Clutch Pedal with 3/4" Master Cylinder$99.95
PFSPSP-10 - Power Steering Pump -10 InletPFSPSP-10Power Steering Pump -10 Inlet$149.95
WIN5644-01-C3 - Floor Mount Brake Pedal with Master CylindersWIN5644-01-C3Floor Mount Brake Pedal with Master Cylinders$209.95
WIN5644-02-C3 - Swing Mount Brake Pedal with Master CylindersWIN5644-02-C3Swing Mount Brake Pedal with Master Cylinders$209.95
CAP64000 - 2 Lever-3 Speed Shifter AssemblyCAP640002 Lever-3 Speed Shifter Assembly$74.95


Pro Blend Hot Lap Tire Treatment
The best tire softener on the market. Treats tires all the way through and will last up to 200 laps. Will treat approximately 16 tires. Good for dirt or asphalt. Non-detectable.

Regular price $149.95 ...SPECIAL $129.95 ...That's a $20.00 Savings!!
PRB7000TSHot Lap Tire Softener (gallon)

PRB6000TS2W - Hot Lap II Tire Softener (gallon)PRB6000TS2WHot Lap II Tire Softener (gallon)$59.95
PRB7032LMT - Pro-Blend Last Minute Treatment (quart)PRB7032LMTPro-Blend Last Minute Treatment (quart)$29.95
PRB530-4032 - 40 Below Cooling System AdditivePRB530-403240 Below Cooling System Additive$21.95
WIL290-0632 - Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid (12 Oz)WIL290-0632Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid (12 Oz)$10.95
WIL290-6209 - Wilwood EXP 600 Brake FluidWIL290-6209Wilwood EXP 600 Brake Fluid$21.95
RED80204 - Red Line Water Wetter 12 OzRED80204Red Line Water Wetter 12 Oz$11.95
K&N99-0516 - 12oz Air Filter OilK&N99-051612oz Air Filter Oil$7.95
K&N99-0621 - 32oz Air Filter CleanerK&N99-062132oz Air Filter Cleaner$14.95

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