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Camaro, GM Metric and
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Holley Racing Carburetor Parts

Carburetor Rebuild Kits

BGF190006 - 2300 Series Holley 2-barrel Rebuild KitBGF1900062300 Series Holley 2-barrel Rebuild Kit$36.95
BGF190004 - 4150 Series Holley 4-barrel Rebuild KitBGF1900044150 Series Holley 4-barrel Rebuild Kit$49.95
Carburetor Track Service Kits
FSC1000TK - Holley Carburetor Track Service KitFSC1000TKHolley Carburetor Track Service Kit$49.95
FSC2000MK - Master Holley Carburetor Service KitFSC2000MKMaster Holley Carburetor Service Kit$134.95

Carburetor Gaskets

BGF200142 - Red Metering Block Reusable GasketBGF200142Red Metering Block Reusable Gasket$3.95
BGF200162 - Red Fuel Bowl Reusable GasketBGF200162Red Fuel Bowl Reusable Gasket$3.95
BGF200131 - Bowl Screw Gaskets (4pk)BGF200131Bowl Screw Gaskets (4pk)$3.95
MRG49 - Holley 2-Barrel Base GasketMRG49Holley 2-Barrel Base Gasket$3.95
MRG52 - Rochester 2-Barrel Base GasketMRG52Rochester 2-Barrel Base Gasket$4.95
MRG54 - Holley 4-Barrel Open Base GasketMRG54Holley 4-Barrel Open Base Gasket$3.95
MRG55 - Holley 4-Barrel 4-Hole Base GasketMRG55Holley 4-Barrel 4-Hole Base Gasket$4.50
BGF110005 - Air Cleaner GasketBGF110005Air Cleaner Gasket$9.95
BGF110000 - Air Cleaner GasketBGF110000Air Cleaner Gasket$5.95
BGF200029 - Holley Aluminum Fuel Inlet Ring Gasket (2pk)BGF200029Holley Aluminum Fuel Inlet Ring Gasket (2pk)$4.95
BGF200030 - Holley Teflon Fuel Inlet Gasket (2pk)BGF200030Holley Teflon Fuel Inlet Gasket (2pk)$4.95

Holley Carburetor Jets

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Carburetor Jets
HOL36-181 - Holley Jet Kit 64-99HOL36-181Holley Jet Kit 64-99$77.95
FSC232078 - Holley Jets 70-79 with Jet PlateFSC232078Holley Jets 70-79 with Jet Plate$84.95

Carburetor Power Valves

BGF240025 - 2.5 Power ValveBGF2400252.5 Power Valve$9.95
BGF240035 - 3.5 Power ValveBGF2400353.5 Power Valve$9.95
BGF240045 - 4.5 Power ValveBGF2400454.5 Power Valve$9.95
BGF240050 - 5.0 Power ValveBGF2400505.0 Power Valve$9.95
BGF240055 - 5.5 Power ValveBGF2400555.5 Power Valve$9.95
BGF240065 - 6.5 Power ValveBGF2400656.5 Power Valve$9.95
BGF240200 - Power Valve PlugBGF240200Power Valve Plug$6.95

Carburetor Accelerator Pump Parts

BGF190015 - 30cc Accelerator Pump Diaphragm (2pk)BGF19001530cc Accelerator Pump Diaphragm (2pk)$7.95
BGF190016 - 50cc Accelerator Pump DiaphragmBGF19001650cc Accelerator Pump Diaphragm$13.95
BGF120077 - Accelerator Pump Cam AssortmentBGF120077Accelerator Pump Cam Assortment$34.95
BGF122125 - #25 Discharge Nozzle-regular TypeBGF122125#25 Discharge Nozzle-regular Type$17.95
BGF122128 - #28 Discharge Nozzle-regular TypeBGF122128#28 Discharge Nozzle-regular Type$17.95
BGF122131 - #31 Discharge Nozzle-regular TypeBGF122131#31 Discharge Nozzle-regular Type$17.95
BGF122135 - #35 Discharge Nozzle-regular TypeBGF122135#35 Discharge Nozzle-regular Type$17.95
BGF122137 - #37 Discharge Nozzle-regular TypeBGF122137#37 Discharge Nozzle-regular Type$17.95

Carburetor Floats-Needle & Seats

MOR65432 - Holley 4-Barrel Oval Track Float KitMOR65432Holley 4-Barrel Oval Track Float Kit$41.95
BGF120002 - Holley Oval Track Float RearBGF120002Holley Oval Track Float Rear$23.95
BGF120003 - Holley Oval Track Float FrontBGF120003Holley Oval Track Float Front$23.95
BGF120006 - Holley .110 Needle & Seat (2pk)BGF120006Holley .110 Needle & Seat (2pk)$19.95
BGF120090 - Holley Needle & Seat Nut & Screw KitBGF120090Holley Needle & Seat Nut & Screw Kit$7.95
BGF120060 - Fuel Bowl Sight Hole Plugs (pair)BGF120060Fuel Bowl Sight Hole Plugs (pair)$4.95
MOR65226 - Holley Sight PlugsMOR65226Holley Sight Plugs$6.95

Throttle Stops-Return Kit

LON32730 - 4-Barrel Throttle Stop KitLON327304-Barrel Throttle Stop Kit$49.95
LON32732 - 2-Barrel Throttle Stop KitLON327322-Barrel Throttle Stop Kit$49.95
MOR64927 - Holley Throttle Return KitMOR64927Holley Throttle Return Kit$29.95
FMCS-75 - Throttle Return SpringFMCS-75Throttle Return Spring$3.95

Air Cleaner Studs

LON32750 - Air Cleaner Stud 5/16 in LON32750Air Cleaner Stud 5/16"$52.95
LON32752 - Air Cleaner Stud 1/4 in LON32752Air Cleaner Stud 1/4"$52.95
RCPAC-498 - 1/4-20 Air Cleaner NutRCPAC-4981/4-20 Air Cleaner Nut$15.95
RCPAC-499 - 5/16-18 Air Cleaner NutRCPAC-4995/16-18 Air Cleaner Nut$15.95

Misc Carburetor Small Parts

MOR37960 - 5/16 in x2-1/2 in  Carburetor Stud KitMOR379605/16"x2-1/2" Carburetor Stud Kit$12.95
MOR37961 - 5/16 in x3-1/2 in  Carburetor Stud KitMOR379615/16"x3-1/2" Carburetor Stud Kit$15.95
MOR41090 - Vacuum Line CapsMOR41090Vacuum Line Caps$6.95
MOR64920 - Carburetor Linkage BushingsMOR64920Carburetor Linkage Bushings$9.95

Carburetor Tools

CMS60-1215 - Carburetor Jet Storage PlateCMS60-1215Carburetor Jet Storage Plate$23.95
JRP34500 - Fuel Bowl Drain CupJRP34500Fuel Bowl Drain Cup$46.95
KLU1031 - Aluminum Carb CoverKLU1031Aluminum Carb Cover$16.95
MOR65802 - 5 1/8 in  Carburetor CoverMOR658025 1/8" Carburetor Cover$9.95
MOR62293 - Holley Jet ToolMOR62293Holley Jet Tool$19.95

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