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Sportsman Composite Body Replacement Parts

NOTE: Replacement parts listed here are designed to fit Aluminum Racing Products bodies and may not fit bodies made by other manufactures.

Body Kits and Replacement Parts Are Not Returnable

Front Bumper Covers

NGB10305 - Sportsman Upper Nose, Plastic (Left or Right)NGB10305Sportsman Upper Nose, Plastic (Left or Right)$54.95
NGB10306 - Sportsman Lower Nose, Plastic (Left or Right)NGB10306Sportsman Lower Nose, Plastic (Left or Right)$49.95
NGB10307 - Sportsman Nose Upper & Lower, Plastic (Left or Right)NGB10307Sportsman Nose Upper & Lower, Plastic (Left or Right)$89.95

Rear Bumper Covers

NGB10315 - Sportsman Rear Bumper Cover, Plastic (Left or Right)NGB10315Sportsman Rear Bumper Cover, Plastic (Left or Right)$64.50


NGB10300 - Sportsman Fender, PlasticNGB10300Sportsman Fender, Plastic$117.50


NGB10360 - Sportsman Hood, FiberglassNGB10360Sportsman Hood, Fiberglass$166.75


NGB10310 - Sportsman Door, AluminumNGB10310Sportsman Door, Aluminum$86.50

Quarter Panels

NGB10320 - Sportsman Quarter Panel, FiberglassNGB10320Sportsman Quarter Panel, Fiberglass$143.50
NGB11321 - Quarter Panel FlareNGB11321Quarter Panel Flare$49.50


NGB10350 - Sportsman Roof, FiberglassNGB10350Sportsman Roof, Fiberglass$161.75

Rockers, Deck Lid, Cowl

NGB10340 - Sportsman Rocker Panel, AluminumNGB10340Sportsman Rocker Panel, Aluminum$31.25
NGB10370 - Sportsman Deck Lid, AluminumNGB10370Sportsman Deck Lid, Aluminum$50.00
NGB10375 - Sportsman Deck Filler, FiberglassNGB10375Sportsman Deck Filler, Fiberglass$101.00
NGB10380 - Sportsman Cowl Kit, FiberglassNGB10380Sportsman Cowl Kit, Fiberglass$157.50
NGB10381 - Sportsman Cowl Body, FiberglassNGB10381Sportsman Cowl Body, Fiberglass$90.50
NGB10382 - Sportsman Cowl Center Panel, AluminumNGB10382Sportsman Cowl Center Panel, Aluminum$67.75
NGB10083 - Sportsman Cowl Flow Pan, FiberglassNGB10083Sportsman Cowl Flow Pan, Fiberglass$35.50


NGB72103 - Sportsman CNC Cut Pre-Blacked WindshieldNGB72103Sportsman CNC Cut Pre-Blacked Windshield$265.00
NGB72104 - Sportsman CNC Cut Pre-Blacked Rear WindowNGB72104Sportsman CNC Cut Pre-Blacked Rear Window$169.00
NGB72105 - Sportsman Cut Pre-Blacked Quarter WindowsNGB72105Sportsman Cut Pre-Blacked Quarter Windows$76.00

Decals & Grills

NGB103420 - Sportsman Chevy Malibu Decal KitNGB103420Sportsman Chevy Malibu Decal Kit$59.95
NGB104420 - Sportsman Pontiac G8 Decal KitNGB104420Sportsman Pontiac G8 Decal Kit$59.95
NGB105420 - Sportsman Cadillac CTS Decal KitNGB105420Sportsman Cadillac CTS Decal Kit$59.95
 ABC201420-06Sportsman Ford Fusion Master Decal Kit$59.95
NGB204420 - Sportsman Lincoln MKS Decal KitNGB204420Sportsman Lincoln MKS Decal Kit$59.95
NGB303420 - Sportsman Dodge Charger Decal KitNGB303420Sportsman Dodge Charger Decal Kit$59.95
NGB10391 - Sportsman Lower Nose ScreenNGB10391Sportsman Lower Nose Screen$69.95

Radiator Air Ductwork

NGB42105 - EZ MAX Ductwork for Stock Clip CarsNGB42105EZ MAX Ductwork for Stock Clip Cars$199.50

Bumper Bars & Mounts

NGB10355 - Front Bumper BarNGB10355Front Bumper Bar$44.95
NGB50306 - Front Bumper Mounting KitNGB50306Front Bumper Mounting Kit$24.95
NGB10365 - Rear Bumper BarNGB10365Rear Bumper Bar$44.95
NGB50307 - Rear Bumper Mounting KitNGB50307Rear Bumper Mounting Kit$24.95
NGB10358 - Front Hood Pin Mounting  BarNGB10358Front Hood Pin Mounting Bar$32.95
NGB10367 - Rear Deck Pin Mounting BarNGB10367Rear Deck Pin Mounting Bar$32.95

Front Valance

NGB402103 - NGB Front Nose ValanceNGB402103NGB Front Nose Valance$42.95
CMS40305-20 - Lightweight Valance Mounting Kit (20)CMS40305-20Lightweight Valance Mounting Kit (20)$49.50
ABC40305-20 - Valance Mounting Hardware Kit (20 pk)ABC40305-20Valance Mounting Hardware Kit (20 pk)$49.50
CMS40305-10 - Lightweight Valance Mounting Kit (10)CMS40305-10Lightweight Valance Mounting Kit (10)$24.95
ABC40305-10 - Valance Mounting Hardware Kit (10-pk)ABC40305-10Valance Mounting Hardware Kit (10-pk)$24.95


NGB40355 - Conventional Rear Spoiler 50°NGB40355Conventional Rear Spoiler 50°$107.50
NGB403155-5 - 5 in  x 50° Lexan Spoiler BladeNGB403155-55" x 50° Lexan Spoiler Blade$26.50
NGB40315-50 - 50° Aluminum Spoiler BaseNGB40315-5050° Aluminum Spoiler Base$49.00
NGB40357 - Conventional Rear Spoiler 70°NGB40357Conventional Rear Spoiler 70°$107.50
NGB403155-7 - 5 in  x 70° Lexan Spoiler BladeNGB403155-75" x 70° Lexan Spoiler Blade$26.50
NGB40315-70 - 70° Aluminum Spoiler BaseNGB40315-7070° Aluminum Spoiler Base$49.00

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