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                         NORTHEAST DIRT MODIFIED PARTS                       
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Dirt Modified Quick Change Rearend

Winters Quick Change Rears
Northeast Dirt Modified Quick Change
Product photo
2-7/8" Spindle Quick Change Rears

Quick Change with 8-Bolt Tubes
Product photo
8-Bolt Quick Change Rears

Winters Rear Parts Breakdown
Product photo
Quick Change Rear Exploded View

Winters Quick Change Gears
Product photo
Quick Change Gears
Winters Gear Covers
 WIN3736BBillet Big Bearing Gear Cover$269.95
WINK6508 - Magnesium Quick Change Gear CoverWINK6508Magnesium Quick Change Gear Cover$164.95
WIN6746 - Aluminum Sprint Style Gear CoverWIN6746Aluminum Sprint Style Gear Cover$139.95
WIN6390AB - Gear Cover Blue Nut and Stud KitWIN6390ABGear Cover Blue Nut and Stud Kit$49.95
WIN7794AB - Blue Quick Change Cover Nut KitWIN7794ABBlue Quick Change Cover Nut Kit$44.95
Quick Change Cover Gaskets
AFC60311 - Quick Change Rear End Cover Gasket (each)AFC60311Quick Change Rear End Cover Gasket (each)$3.95
AFC60311-10 - Quick Change Rear End Cover Gasket (10pk)AFC60311-10Quick Change Rear End Cover Gasket (10pk)$34.95
WIN6729HD - Steel Sandwich Quick Change Cover GasketWIN6729HDSteel Sandwich Quick Change Cover Gasket$11.95
Quick Change Gear Accessories
WIN2104 - Quick Change Plug WrenchWIN2104Quick Change Plug Wrench$28.95
WIN3153 - Quick Change Plug SocketWIN3153Quick Change Plug Socket$28.95
CAP60990 - Quick Change Gear Storage BoxCAP60990Quick Change Gear Storage Box$9.95
CMS99100 - Aluminum Gear Change PanCMS99100Aluminum Gear Change Pan$49.95
WIN1730 - Winters Gear Oil (Gallon)WIN1730Winters Gear Oil (Gallon)$59.95
RED58204 - Heavy Shockproof Synthetic Gear Oil (quart)RED58204Heavy Shockproof Synthetic Gear Oil (quart)$21.95
Winters Ring & Pinions and Spools
WIN5401 - 4.86 Quick Change Ring & PinionWIN54014.86 Quick Change Ring & Pinion$389.95
WIN5715 - 4.12 Quick Change Ring & PinionWIN57154.12 Quick Change Ring & Pinion$399.95
WIN52457 - 4.57 Quick Change Ring & PinionWIN524574.57 Quick Change Ring & Pinion$479.95
WIN5034-11UL - Ultralite Aluminum Quick Change SpoolWIN5034-11ULUltralite Aluminum Quick Change Spool$319.95
WIN5034-11A - Quick Change Aluminum SpoolWIN5034-11AQuick Change Aluminum Spool$279.95
WIN5114-01L - Lightweight Quick Change Aluminum LockerWIN5114-01LLightweight Quick Change Aluminum Locker$724.95
WIN7340 - Quick Change Carrier Bearing for Aluminum SpoolWIN7340Quick Change Carrier Bearing for Aluminum Spool$24.95
WIN5294 - Quick Change Spool Assembly BearingWIN5294Quick Change Spool Assembly Bearing$28.95
WIN5295 - Quick Change Aluminum Spool Shim KitWIN5295Quick Change Aluminum Spool Shim Kit$8.95
Winters Lower Shaft & Yokes
WIN5003-02 - Quick Change Lower Jack ShaftWIN5003-02Quick Change Lower Jack Shaft$117.95
WIN7390 - Lower Shaft Front BearingWIN7390Lower Shaft Front Bearing$21.95
WIN7339 - Lower Shaft Rear BearingWIN7339Lower Shaft Rear Bearing$20.95
WIN3533 - Quick Change Front Drive Shaft YokeWIN3533Quick Change Front Drive Shaft Yoke$76.95
WIN5037 - Quick Change Yoke Bolt & Washer KitWIN5037Quick Change Yoke Bolt & Washer Kit$8.95
WIN5018L - Quick Change Front Seal Plate with SealWIN5018LQuick Change Front Seal Plate with Seal$57.95
WIN7204T - Front Lower Shaft Seal .750 ThickWIN7204TFront Lower Shaft Seal .750 Thick$12.95
WIN7204 - Front Lower Shaft Seal .375 ThickWIN7204Front Lower Shaft Seal .375 Thick$10.95
WIN7474 - Seal O-RingWIN7474Seal O-Ring$4.95
WIN7652 - Seal Plate Seal RetainerWIN7652Seal Plate Seal Retainer$8.95
WIN7413 - Seal Plate O-RingWIN7413Seal Plate O-Ring$7.95
Winters Quick Change Small Parts
WIN7205 - Quick Change Side Bell Inner SealWIN7205Quick Change Side Bell Inner Seal$11.95
WIN7403 - Quick Change 8-Web Side Bell O-RingWIN7403Quick Change 8-Web Side Bell O-Ring$9.95
WIN7403T - Quick Change 4-Web or 6-Web Side Bell O-RingWIN7403TQuick Change 4-Web or 6-Web Side Bell O-Ring$9.95
TEO6005 - Rear End VentTEO6005Rear End Vent$34.95
Winters Side Bells
WINK5016-02 - 8-Rib Left Side Bell-MagnesiumWINK5016-028-Rib Left Side Bell-Magnesium$229.95
WINK5016-03 - 8-Rib Right Side Bell with Plug-MagnesiumWINK5016-038-Rib Right Side Bell with Plug-Magnesium$249.95
WINK5016-02M - 8-Rib Lightweight Left Bell-MagnesiumWINK5016-02M8-Rib Lightweight Left Bell-Magnesium$249.95
WINK5016-05 - 8-Rib Lightweight Right Side Bell with Plug-MagnesiumWINK5016-058-Rib Lightweight Right Side Bell with Plug-Magnesium$269.95
WINK1663-02 - 6-Rib Left Side Bell-MagnesiumWINK1663-026-Rib Left Side Bell-Magnesium$229.95
WINK1663-01B - 6-Rib Right Side Bell with Plug-MagnesiumWINK1663-01B6-Rib Right Side Bell with Plug-Magnesium$249.95
WINK6697-02 - 4-Rib Left Side Bell-MagnesiumWINK6697-024-Rib Left Side Bell-Magnesium$229.95
WINK6697-01B - 4-Rib Right Side Bell with Plug-MagnesiumWINK6697-01B4-Rib Right Side Bell with Plug-Magnesium$249.95
Winters Axle Tubes
TEO6009-25 - 25 in  Left Rear Splined Axle TubeTEO6009-2525" Left Rear Splined Axle Tube$279.95
TEO6009-27 - 27 in  Left Rear Splined Axle TubeTEO6009-2727" Left Rear Splined Axle Tube$279.95
TEO6009-33 - 33 in  Right Rear Splined Axle TubeTEO6009-3333" Right Rear Splined Axle Tube$279.95
TEO6010 - Splined Tube Hub Seal RingTEO6010Splined Tube Hub Seal Ring$41.95
WIN3246-25 - 2-7/8 in  Smart Axle Tube-25 in WIN3246-252-7/8" Smart Axle Tube-25"$136.95
WIN3246-27 - 2-7/8 in  Smart Axle Tube-27 in WIN3246-272-7/8" Smart Axle Tube-27"$136.95
WIN3246-33 - 2-7/8 in  Smart Axle Tube-33 in WIN3246-332-7/8" Smart Axle Tube-33"$136.95
WIN3246B-25 - 2-7/8 in  Quad Axle Tube-25 in WIN3246B-252-7/8" Quad Axle Tube-25"$237.95
WIN3246B-27 - 2-7/8 in  Quad Axle Tube-27WIN3246B-272-7/8" Quad Axle Tube-27$237.95
WIN3246B-33 - 2-7/8 in  Quad Axle Tube-33 in WIN3246B-332-7/8" Quad Axle Tube-33"$237.95
WIN6603-07 - 8-Bolt Left Side Aluminum Axle TubeWIN6603-078-Bolt Left Side Aluminum Axle Tube$225.00
WIN6603-36 - 8-Bolt Right Side Aluminum Axle TubeWIN6603-368-Bolt Right Side Aluminum Axle Tube$225.00
WIN6620 - Wide-5 8-Bolt Steel SpindleWIN6620Wide-5 8-Bolt Steel Spindle$84.95
Winters Double Spline Quick Change Axles
Product photo
31 Spline Solid Axles
Product photo
31 Spline Gundrilled Axles
Rear Wide-5 Hubs
WIN3750 - Wide-5 Rear Hub Kit for 2-7/8 in  SpindleWIN3750Wide-5 Rear Hub Kit for 2-7/8" Spindle$214.95
 WIN32662-7/8" Big Bearing Rear Hub$126.95
WIN3698 - Drive Flange for 2-7/8 in  Big Bearing Rear HubWIN3698Drive Flange for 2-7/8" Big Bearing Rear Hub$59.95
WIN8658 - Bearing for 2-7/8 in  Big Bearing HubWIN8658Bearing for 2-7/8" Big Bearing Hub$21.95
WIN4301 - Spindle Locknut Kit for 2-7/8 in  Big Bearing SpindleWIN4301Spindle Locknut Kit for 2-7/8" Big Bearing Spindle$21.95
WIN7284V - Low Drag Seal for 2-7/8 in  Big Bearing HubWIN7284VLow Drag Seal for 2-7/8" Big Bearing Hub$16.95
WIN7289V - Low Drag Rear Hub Seal for 2-7/8 in  Big Bearing HubWIN7289VLow Drag Rear Hub Seal for 2-7/8" Big Bearing Hub$16.95
WIN3269 - Wrench for 2-7/8 in  Big Bearing LocknutWIN3269Wrench for 2-7/8" Big Bearing Locknut$11.95
WIN6690 - Wide-5 Star Hub for 8-Bolt Drive FlangeWIN6690Wide-5 Star Hub for 8-Bolt Drive Flange$99.95
WIN3215 - Wide-5 8-Bolt Drive FlangeWIN3215Wide-5 8-Bolt Drive Flange$49.95
WIN1865 - Wide-5 Steel Spindle Locknut KitWIN1865Wide-5 Steel Spindle Locknut Kit$13.95
A-112845 - Wide 5 Hub Bearing And Seal KitA-112845Wide 5 Hub Bearing And Seal Kit$34.95
WIN7324 - Wide-5 Hub Bearing InnerWIN7324Wide-5 Hub Bearing Inner$13.95
WIN7325 - Wide-5 Hub Bearing OuterWIN7325Wide-5 Hub Bearing Outer$13.95
WIN7322 - Wide-5 Hub Race InnerWIN7322Wide-5 Hub Race Inner$8.95
WIN7323 - Wide-5 Hub Race OuterWIN7323Wide-5 Hub Race Outer$8.95
WIN7210 - Wide-5 Hub SealWIN7210Wide-5 Hub Seal$5.95
WIN7210-ORV - Low Drag Wide-5 Hub SealWIN7210-ORVLow Drag Wide-5 Hub Seal$14.95
Quick Change Tech Info
Frequently Asked Questions
Assembly Instructions
Axle Spacing Instructions

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