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                         NORTHEAST DIRT MODIFIED PARTS                       
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Dirt Modified Rear Suspension Parts

Winters Torsion Bars
WIN6362 - 29 in  Torsion Bar for Northeast Dirt ModifiedWIN636229" Torsion Bar for Northeast Dirt Modified$99.95
Torsion Bushings, Bearings and Stops
BRP264 - Nylon Torsion Bar BushingBRP264Nylon Torsion Bar Bushing$10.95
TEO5307 - Mono-Ball Scalloped Torsion Bearing AssemblyTEO5307Mono-Ball Scalloped Torsion Bearing Assembly$118.95
TEO5307B - Replacement Mono-Ball BearingTEO5307BReplacement Mono-Ball Bearing$77.95
TEO5308 - Scalloped Torsion Bearing AssemblyTEO5308Scalloped Torsion Bearing Assembly$79.95
TEO5310 - Replacement Bearing for Rear Torsion Bearing AssemblyTEO5310Replacement Bearing for Rear Torsion Bearing Assembly$17.95
TEO5309 - Torsion Arm SpacerTEO5309Torsion Arm Spacer$4.95
LPSA2904 - Torsion Stop with BoltsLPSA2904Torsion Stop with Bolts$39.95
Torsion Arms
TEO5318 - 18 in  Rear Torsion Arm R/HTEO531818" Rear Torsion Arm R/H$169.95
TEO5319 - 19.5 in  Rear Torsion Arm L/HTEO531919.5" Rear Torsion Arm L/H$169.95
BRP9360 - Bicknell Torsion Arm L/HBRP9360Bicknell Torsion Arm L/H$117.95
BRP9361 - Bicknell Torsion Arm R/HBRP9361Bicknell Torsion Arm R/H$117.95
BRP9078 - Replacement Plate for Bicknell Torsion ArmBRP9078Replacement Plate for Bicknell Torsion Arm$22.95
Teo Rear Suspension Brackets
TEO5030L - Splined Tube Adjustable Bird Cage L/HTEO5030LSplined Tube Adjustable Bird Cage L/H$349.95
TEO5030R - Splined Adjustable Bird Cage R/HTEO5030RSplined Adjustable Bird Cage R/H$349.95
TEO5002L - Smart Tube Bird Cage L/HTEO5002LSmart Tube Bird Cage L/H$289.95
TEO5002R - Smart Tube Bird Cage R/HTEO5002RSmart Tube Bird Cage R/H$289.95
TEO5001L - 8-Bolt Bird Cage L/HTEO5001L8-Bolt Bird Cage L/H$289.95
TEO5001R - 8-Bolt Bird Cage R/HTEO5001R8-Bolt Bird Cage R/H$289.95
Birdcage Parts
TEO5311 - Torsion Roller for Rear Suspension BracketTEO5311Torsion Roller for Rear Suspension Bracket$39.95
TEO5105 - Adjustable Inner Birdcage Plate L/HTEO5105Adjustable Inner Birdcage Plate L/H$79.95
TEO5106 - Adjustable Inner Birdcage Plate R/HTEO5106Adjustable Inner Birdcage Plate R/H$79.95
TEO5104 - Adjustable Outer Birdcage PlateTEO5104Adjustable Outer Birdcage Plate$79.95
TEO5101 - Inner Birdcage Plate L/HTEO5101Inner Birdcage Plate L/H$59.95
TEO5102 - Inner Birdcage Plate R/HTEO5102Inner Birdcage Plate R/H$59.95
TEO5115 - Splined Suspension Clamp BracketTEO5115Splined Suspension Clamp Bracket$139.95
TEO5116 - Splined Suspension Clamp 1/2 ThickTEO5116Splined Suspension Clamp 1/2 Thick$129.95
TEO5114 - Smart Tube Brake BracketTEO5114Smart Tube Brake Bracket$34.95
TEO5110 - Rear Bird Cage Shock MountTEO5110Rear Bird Cage Shock Mount$34.95
TEO5112 - 8-Bolt Bird Cage CupTEO51128-Bolt Bird Cage Cup$69.95
Bicknell Rear Suspension Brackets
BRP9032 - Quad Tube Birdcage L/HBRP9032Quad Tube Birdcage L/H$239.95
BRP9033 - Quad Tube Birdcage R/HBRP9033Quad Tube Birdcage R/H$239.95
BRP9034 - Quad Tube Brake BracketBRP9034Quad Tube Brake Bracket$74.95
BRP4255 - Smart Tube Birdcage L/HBRP4255Smart Tube Birdcage L/H$260.00
BRP4257 - Smart Tube Birdcage R/HBRP4257Smart Tube Birdcage R/H$260.00
BRP4292 - 8-Bolt Birdcage L/HBRP42928-Bolt Birdcage L/H$260.00
BRP4293 - 8-Bolt Birdcage R/HBRP42938-Bolt Birdcage R/H$260.00
BRP4278 - Lower Birdcage Shock Mount R/HBRP4278Lower Birdcage Shock Mount R/H$30.95
BRP4278L - Lower Birdcage Shock Mount L/HBRP4278LLower Birdcage Shock Mount L/H$30.95
BRP9284 - Rear Torsion Roller AssyBRP9284Rear Torsion Roller Assy$54.95
Teo Rear Panhard Mount
TEO5313 - Inner Rear Panhard MountTEO5313Inner Rear Panhard Mount$94.95
TEO5302 - Cockpit Adjustable Panhard Hoop AssemblyTEO5302Cockpit Adjustable Panhard Hoop Assembly$559.95
TEO5303 - Rear Hoop Plate for Adjustable Panhard Hoop AssemblyTEO5303Rear Hoop Plate for Adjustable Panhard Hoop Assembly$114.95
TEO5304 - Front Hoop Plate for Adjustable Panhard Hoop AssemblyTEO5304Front Hoop Plate for Adjustable Panhard Hoop Assembly$114.95
TEO5322 - Cockpit Gear Drive Adjuster AssemblyTEO5322Cockpit Gear Drive Adjuster Assembly$169.95
TEO5321 - Rear Panhard Hoop Gear Drive TEO5321Rear Panhard Hoop Gear Drive $129.95
TEO5323 - Teo Panhard Cockpit Adjuster KnobTEO5323Teo Panhard Cockpit Adjuster Knob$44.95
TEO5301 - Non Cockpit Adjustable Panhard AssemblyTEO5301Non Cockpit Adjustable Panhard Assembly$235.00
TEO5305 - Front Hoop Plate for Non Adjustable Panhard Hoop AssemblyTEO5305Front Hoop Plate for Non Adjustable Panhard Hoop Assembly$114.95
TEO5306 - Rear Hoop Plate for Non Adjustable Panhard Hoop AssemblyTEO5306Rear Hoop Plate for Non Adjustable Panhard Hoop Assembly$114.95
TEO5314 - 15 in  Rear Panhard BarTEO531415" Rear Panhard Bar$26.95
TEO5325 - Rear Panhard Hoop Support KitTEO5325Rear Panhard Hoop Support Kit$38.95
TEO5326 - Replacement Panhard Support RodTEO5326Replacement Panhard Support Rod$16.95
TEO5327 - Rear Panhard Support T-BracketTEO5327Rear Panhard Support T-Bracket$10.95
Bicknell Rear Panhard Mount
BRP1624 - Inner Rear Panhard MountBRP1624Inner Rear Panhard Mount$73.95
BRP4549 - Cockpit Adjustable Rear Panhard Hoop AssemblyBRP4549Cockpit Adjustable Rear Panhard Hoop Assembly$599.95
BRP4548 - Non Cockpit Adjustable Rear Panhard Hoop AssemblyBRP4548Non Cockpit Adjustable Rear Panhard Hoop Assembly$389.00
BRP4551 - Rear Panhard Hoop Assembly with Adjusting HolesBRP4551Rear Panhard Hoop Assembly with Adjusting Holes$209.95
MRR625-15 - 15 in  Rear Panhard RodMRR625-1515" Rear Panhard Rod$20.65
BRP4552 - Bicknell Panhard Hoop Support BraceBRP4552Bicknell Panhard Hoop Support Brace$32.95
Spring Rods & Radius Rods
TEO5207 - Spring Rod with 850 lb SpringTEO5207Spring Rod with 850 lb Spring$189.95
TEO5218 - 18 in  Replacement Rod for Spring RodTEO521818" Replacement Rod for Spring Rod$29.95
BRP1399-900 - Bicknell Spring Rod with 900lb SpringBRP1399-900Bicknell Spring Rod with 900lb Spring$189.95
BRP1385-17.5 - Replacement Rod for Bicknell Spring RodBRP1385-17.5Replacement Rod for Bicknell Spring Rod$36.95
MRR625-27.5 - 27-1/2 in  Rear Radius RodMRR625-27.527-1/2" Rear Radius Rod$35.40
MRR625-28 - 28 in  Rear Radius RodMRR625-2828" Rear Radius Rod$35.95
MRR625-15 - 15 in  Rear Panhard RodMRR625-1515" Rear Panhard Rod$20.65
Rod Ends
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Aircraft Grade Rod Ends
Product photo
Heavy Duty Grade Rod Ends
Product photo
Commercial Grade Rod Ends
Product photo
Aluminum Rod Ends
AURCW4S - 1/4 Female R/H Commercial Grade Rod End With 1/4 in  StudAURCW4S1/4 Female R/H Commercial Grade Rod End With 1/4" Stud$7.25
Jam Nuts
Product photo
Steel & Aluminum Jam Nuts

Product photoProduct photoProduct photoProduct photo
Product photoProduct photoProduct photoProduct photo
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Product photo

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Capital Motorsports Warehouse specializes in supplying race car parts for circle track race cars. We carry a large inventory of parts for dirt modified, asphalt modified, IMCA modified, street stock, pro stock, strictly stock, dirt late model, asphalt late model, hobby stock, legend cars or just about any type of oval track race car.

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At Capital Motorsports we provide a large selection of race car air filters, a-arms, ball joints, racing springs, racing shocks, brake calipers, racing clutches, driveshafts, fuel cells, headers, radiators, racing distributors, racing alternators, stainless braided hose, AN aluminum fittings, race car scales, helmets, driving suits, seat belts, aluminum racing seats, full containment seats, racing wheels and all types of racing equipment at discount prices with fast accurate order fulfillment and shipping.

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