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Chevy Clutch Assembly
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Camaro, GM Metric and
Impala Front Spindles

9" Ford Rear End Parts

New Nodular Housing & Pinion Support

WIN91842-01 - 9 in  Ford Nodular CaseWIN91842-019" Ford Nodular Case$289.95
CMS2891 - 9 in  Ford Nodular CaseCMS28919" Ford Nodular Case$239.95
WIN96897 - Aluminum 9 in  Ford Daytona Pinion SupportWIN96897Aluminum 9" Ford Daytona Pinion Support$129.95
WIN96897-KIT - Daytona Pinion Bearing KitWIN96897-KITDaytona Pinion Bearing Kit$71.95
MOTSS9 - Daytona Pinion Support Solid Spacer with ShimsMOTSS9Daytona Pinion Support Solid Spacer with Shims$29.95

Installation kits-Small Parts

MOTPIK9 - 9 in  Ford Deluxe Installation KitMOTPIK99" Ford Deluxe Installation Kit$69.95
RAT406K - 9 in  Ford Basic Installation KitRAT406K9" Ford Basic Installation Kit$35.95
RAT2100 - 9 in  Ford Pinion ShimsRAT21009" Ford Pinion Shims$24.95
RAT6110 - 9 in  Ford Pinion SealRAT61109" Ford Pinion Seal$12.95
RAT1502 - 9 in  Ford Pinion NutRAT15029" Ford Pinion Nut$9.95
RAT3104 - 9 in  Ford Crush SleeveRAT31049" Ford Crush Sleeve$9.95
RAT1302 - 9 in  Ford Ring Gear BoltsRAT13029" Ford Ring Gear Bolts$24.95
MOTM88010-KIT - 9 in  Ford Pinion Bearing KitMOTM88010-KIT9" Ford Pinion Bearing Kit$38.95
MOTR1535 - 9 in  Ford Pinion Nose BearingMOTR15359" Ford Pinion Nose Bearing$19.95
RAT4105 - 9 in  Ford Solid Spacer & ShimsRAT41059" Ford Solid Spacer & Shims$24.95
MOTSS9 - Daytona Pinion Support Solid Spacer with ShimsMOTSS9Daytona Pinion Support Solid Spacer with Shims$29.95
MOT9A - 9 in  Ford Carrier Bearing SetMOT9A9" Ford Carrier Bearing Set$34.95
FEL2302 - 9 in  Ford Steel Core Rear Cover GasketFEL23029" Ford Steel Core Rear Cover Gasket$24.95
MOT60316 - 9 in  Ford Carrier To Housing GasketMOT603169" Ford Carrier To Housing Gasket$6.95
WIN92565 - 9 in  Ford Housing Stud KitWIN925659" Ford Housing Stud Kit$24.95

9" Ford Yokes & U-Joints

MOTMG1310-9000 - 9 in  Ford Short Narrow YokeMOTMG1310-90009" Ford Short Narrow Yoke$89.95
MOTMG1330-9044 - 9 in  Ford Short Wide YokeMOTMG1330-90449" Ford Short Wide Yoke$89.95
WIN5382 - 1310 Driveline U-jointWIN53821310 Driveline U-joint$21.95
COL5-3022X - Ford to Chevy Conversion Universal JointCOL5-3022XFord to Chevy Conversion Universal Joint$39.95
WIN5855 - 1310 Universal Joint U-Bolts (pr)WIN58551310 Universal Joint U-Bolts (pr)$12.95
SPI2-94-58X - 1330 Universal Joint U-Bolts (pr)SPI2-94-58X1330 Universal Joint U-Bolts (pr)$12.95

9" Ford Inner Axle Seals

SEAAS9125 - Axle Seal for 2.750 in  I.D. Axle Tube-SilverSEAAS9125Axle Seal for 2.750" I.D. Axle Tube-Silver$54.95
SEAAS9188 - Axle Seal for 2.625 in  I.D. Axle Tube-RedSEAAS9188Axle Seal for 2.625" I.D. Axle Tube-Red$54.95
SEAAS9218 - Axle Seal for 2.560 in  I.D. Axle Tube-BlueSEAAS9218Axle Seal for 2.560" I.D. Axle Tube-Blue$54.95
SEAAS9250 - Axle Seal for 2.500 in  I.D. Axle Tube-GoldSEAAS9250Axle Seal for 2.500" I.D. Axle Tube-Gold$54.95
SEAEAS15100 - Universal Economy Axle Seal for 2-1/2 in  to 2-3/4 in  I.D. Axle TubeSEAEAS15100Universal Economy Axle Seal for 2-1/2" to 2-3/4" I.D. Axle Tube$39.95

Grand National Hub Parts

RCP10206 - Grand National Hub Locknut R/H ThreadRCP10206Grand National Hub Locknut R/H Thread$15.95
RCP10207 - Grand National Hub Locknut L/H ThreadRCP10207Grand National Hub Locknut L/H Thread$23.95
CAP80704 - Grand National Hub Nut WrenchCAP80704Grand National Hub Nut Wrench$39.95
SUP10344 - Grand National Hub Wheel BearingSUP10344Grand National Hub Wheel Bearing$23.95
SUP10383 - Grand National Hub SealSUP10383Grand National Hub Seal$9.95
AFC10205 - Grand National Hub Lock WasherAFC10205Grand National Hub Lock Washer$7.95
WIN94310 - Dust Cap Kit for Grand National HubsWIN94310Dust Cap Kit for Grand National Hubs$18.95
WIN7478 - Large 0-ring for 5x5 Grand National HubWIN7478Large 0-ring for 5x5 Grand National Hub$6.95
WIN7494 - Large O-ring for 5x4-3/4 Grand National HubWIN7494Large O-ring for 5x4-3/4 Grand National Hub$6.95

Suspension Mounts and J-Bars

CAP105A - 9 in  Ford Aluminum Pinion Mount Bracket - Closeout - 4 AvailableCAP105A9" Ford Aluminum Pinion Mount Bracket - Closeout - 4 Available$15.00
CAP105S - 9 in  Ford Steel Pinion Mount BracketCAP105S9" Ford Steel Pinion Mount Bracket$39.95
CAP1610 - Clamp-on Serrated Adjustable Panhard MountCAP1610Clamp-on Serrated Adjustable Panhard Mount$129.95
CAP635 - Clamp-on Panhard Mount 5 in CAP635Clamp-on Panhard Mount 5"$69.95
CAP636 - Clamp-on Panhard Mount 6 in CAP636Clamp-on Panhard Mount 6"$69.95
CAP637 - Dual Clamp-on Panhard Mount 6 in CAP637Dual Clamp-on Panhard Mount 6"$79.95
AFC20224K-1 - J-bar Kit 5.5 OffsetAFC20224K-1J-bar Kit 5.5 Offset$129.95
CAP20232 - Weld-on Leaf Spring PadCAP20232Weld-on Leaf Spring Pad$13.95
CAP20232-1 - Clamp-on Leaf Spring PadCAP20232-1Clamp-on Leaf Spring Pad$38.95
CAP13350 - 9 in  Ford Offset Upper Link Mounting Plates (pair)CAP133509" Ford Offset Upper Link Mounting Plates (pair)$27.95
CAP13351 - 9 in  Ford Straight Upper Link Brackets (Pair)CAP133519" Ford Straight Upper Link Brackets (Pair)$27.95

Ring and Pinion Assembly CD

RICVIDEO CD - Ring & Pinion Installation CDRICVIDEO CDRing & Pinion Installation CD$15.00

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