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Closeout items listed here are sold on a first come first serve basis.

All products are new unless stated otherwise.

These products are not returnable...ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Motor Parts
CRW00254Small Block Chevy Hydraulic Cam$175.00
CRW66000Small Block Chevy Hydraulic Lifters$79.95
CRW68311X1-16Small Block Chevy 1.250 Premium Valve Springs (16)$179.95
CRW86032-16Small Block Chevy 1.250 Chromoly Retainers (16)$59.95
ELGER-3974KSmall Block Chevy Stock Diameter Retainer Set (16)$15.00
ELGPR-34BSSmall Block Chevy Pushrod Set-standard Length (16)$15.00
ELGPR-385KSmall Block Chevy Pushrod Set-+.100 Long (16)$20.00
ELGPR-777KSmall Block Chevy Moly Pushrod Set-+.100 Long (16)$79.95
ELGRV-1943XSmall Block Chevy Stock Diameter Valve Springs-.600 Lift (16)$54.95
ELGVT-1992SSmall Block Chevy Solid Lifters$59.95
MICCB663H-020Heavy Duty Clevite Rod Bearings .020 Under$79.95
BLA5011-1255x11 125lb Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5011-1505x11 150lb Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5011-2755x11 275lb Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5013-2755x13 275lb Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5513-200DPT5.5x13 200lb Double Pigtail Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5513-250DPT5.5x13 250lb Double Pigtail Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5513-300DPT5.5x13 300lb Double Pigtail Rear Spring$44.95
BLA5595-10005.5x9.5 1000lb Front Spring$44.95
BLA5595-11005.5x9.5 1100lb Front Spring$44.95
BLA5595-9005.5x9.5 900lb Front Spring$44.95
Air Filters & Air Cleaners
OTR140114" x 3" Dry Media Filter$39.95
 MOR6592814"x4" Offset 2-Barrel Flat Base Air Cleaner$89.95
Driving Suits
DLS22210Economy Style 1-Piece Double Layer Driving Suit (CLOSEOUT)$250.00
DLS21220Pro Style Double Layer Driving Jacket (CLOSEOUT)$125.00
DLS22220Economy Style Double Layer Driving Jacket (CLOSEOUT)$125.00
ULT3010-02Single Layer Jackets - Red only$30.00
Roll Bar Padding
KIR99013SFI Approved High Density Padding-Blue$16.95
KIR99033Hi Impact Roll Cage Padding-Blue$9.95
ATM3411Fuel Pressure Gauge$49.95
ATM3441Oil Temperature Gauge$74.95
AFC80103FN26x19 Ford Radiator$175.00
GRI1-26202-X24x19 Ford Aluminum Radiator$149.95
FUL23412Valve Adjusting Tool-1/2"$25.00
FUL23458Valve Adjusting Tool-5/8"$25.00
FUL234916Valve Adjusting Tool-9/16"$25.00
JRP19000An Wrench Set 6-16$99.95
Misc Items
CAP70373-25Red Plastic (25ft Roll)$59.95
CMSPA2221Reflective Brake Duct Hose Sleeve (12ft)$59.95
CMS62023LHGM Metric Steel Caliper-2-3/8" Bore L/H$50.00
DTL10149D-207/16 Fine Double Taper Lug Nuts (20pk)$20.00
JAZ400-016-0316 Gallon Fuel Cell Mount Kit$29.95
KIR00042Coilover Covers-Red (pr)$19.95
KIR00043Coilover Covers-Blue (pr)$19.95
MOSME28-3030" Ford Flanged 28 Spline Axle$250.00
PAUBG-LAAmber Bubble Goggle$9.95
PAUBG-SSmoke Bubble Goggle$9.95
RAT415K12 Bolt GM Basic Installation Kit$20.00
RCI1122C12 Gallon Fuel Cell With Can-No Foam$188.95
RCI6108A8 Gallon RCI Replacement Can$79.95
RCI6122A22 Gallon RCI Replacement Can$99.95
 SIM88301Voy8 SW Shield Smoked$30.00
 SIM99001Pivot Kit For Rx & Sx Shields$5.00
SSB258Pony Stock / Mini Stock Racing Technology$19.95
Scratch & Dent Items
JAZMISC22 Gal Fuel Cell with Can & Foam-Minor Damage$327.95

Capital Motorsports Warehouse Inc
63 Alger St., Adams MA 01220
Phone: 800-278-2692
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